The search for a good homemade raw vegan cheese continues. I think this one is really good. Nothing really really tastes like cheese, but if you can make something that's kind of close & fills the need for some cheese ......

This one would be great on celery, I also put some slices on my salad.


I have made raw vegan cheese using agar to thicken it, it tastes great but the agar only thickens very occasionally, so most of the time it was just a soupy mess. Plus agar is really expensive.

I tried using guar gum, but that's totally the wrong the texture.

I decided to try using chia seeds for a few different things yesterday, since I seem to have several bags of chia & don't use them much.

The Chiaese turned out great! The texture is nice & this one tastes really good.


I put it in the dehydrator to get a bit of crust on the outside, it has taken a long time since it was holding a lot of moisture. I had it in the dehydrator most of yesterday, this morning I have flipped it over to get the bottom of it.

I don't leave it in the dehyrator so long that the whole thing is dry all the way through. I don't really think we should eat a lot of foods that are dehydrated to a crisp.


I used my vitamix to grind up maybe a cup of cashews, a 1/2 cup (or a little less) of fresh chopped dill, and some nutritional yeast, and some water (just enough to make it sort of pudding like)

I put this in a bowl and added freshly squeezed lemon, Bragg (or coconut aminos).

Then I stirred in maybe 1/3 cup of chia seeds.

It took forever for them to soak up the liquid, I left it on the counter & just stirred it everytime I walked by.

I let it sit a couple hours until it seemed thick enough.

I put it on a glass plate & placed that in the dehydrator for the rest of the day.

This is the finished product.

I let it sit on the counter overnight & this morning I just flipped it over & am deydrating the bottom, which will only take a couple hours.

The dill/lemon flavor is really strong & tastes amazing & really good on celery.

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