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There's a million ways to make raw cookies. This is a basic way you can build on to make many other kinds.

Basically you can use some soaked nuts: almonds or walnuts, some seeds: sunflower or pumpkin or sesame (you might want these to be whole.

Some dried fruit makes it gluey & holds the cookie together: raisins, dates, figs, cherries are amazing, any dried fruit.

Chocolate or cacao beans ground can be added.

Coconut is great.

Banana makes it softer. If you have a juicer with a blank you can macerate a carrot or an apple.

Grated apple.

Seasonings: cinnamon, ginger, something spicy like cayenne.



I used almonds this time, soak nuts before using, they have an enzyme inhibitor that prevents proper digestion unless soaked. Soak for a couple hours or overnight & toss the soaking water.




I put them in the food processor with raisins, dried cranberries, hemp hearts, coconut and 1/2 banana.




Mix until it will hold together when pressed into a cookie shape. If it won't add more dried fruit.




Squish into small cookies & press in coconut.





Here's a box of finished raw cookies. !!



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