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Kombucha is a fermented bubbly drink you can make at home. It is made with sugar, tea, and culture called a scobie that floats on top. The scobie is a culture of bacteria and yeast.

Each time the drink is made the scobie gets another layer on it, so it can be peeled off & shared with a friend. If you don't know anyone who is make kombucha & has a scobie to share you can start from scratch as I will describe below.

Although you can make it from black tea or green tea, you don't need to use caffeinated teas, you can use herbs & it will turn out just fine.

There's a lot of claims of the health benefits of kombucha. I suspect it is not the best choice for someone trying to get rid of candida. I enjoy it off & on, I seem to want to drink it for a few weeks & then take a break. I just let the culture sit in a cool place in between times. I do know that is helps my immune system, if I feel like I am coming down with something I will sip at it all day & I can feel it working each time I drink some.

Start with some sugar & a pot of water. I put a cup of sugar into a post of water this size.

Add your herbs: black tea, green tea if you drink caffeine. I use medicinal herbs. Ginger slices are great.

I already have a kombucha scobie, its the creepy looking thing on the plate. If you don't have a scobie you can buy a bottle of kombucha like

the bottle in the picture & make you own. This will take a few weeks. To make your own, follow the directions I am giving, but instead of putting

the scobie on top, you will pour the bottle of kombucha into your jar (don't heat it in the pot). Let this sit a week or 2 until you see a thin film

of scobie forming. Carefully lift it out, keep 1/2 of what you made, toss the rest. Now make a new batch of sugar & herbs, put all this together

and let it sit another week or 2. At that point you should have a little scobie that is thicker. You can toss 1/2 of this batch & make more or

taste it at this point & see if it tastes fermented. This scobie above above I made from the bottled kombucha.

Once your jar is clean you will put the scobie and about 1 cup of liquid saved from your last batch into the jar. When you make new batches,

just remove the scobie, wash it, peel off some of the bottom layers if needed & compost them. Clean you jar, then put 1 cup or so of the

tea & the scobie back on the jar. Put a cloth over the top (so other bacteria doesn't contaminate it), and lit it sit until the tea is ready. I like

this type of jar, because I can us the spigot to pour out a taste to see if its ready & its easy to bottle. The spigot is high enough up that

you don't get bits of sludge from the bottom.

Boil the herbs & sugar for maybe 10 minutes & then lit is sit to cool.

Pour the tea through a strainer into the glass jar.

Put a clean cloth on top with an elastic. Let it sit for 5 - 7 days. It will depend on the temperature how fast it is ready. It takes less time

in warmer weather and a little longer when its cold. You can taste it, if it is still to sweet, let it sit another day or so, if it tastes like vinegar,

you left it too long.

When its ready you pour it into bottles with tight fitting lids & refrigerate. I drink mine before a week is up. Remember to keep at least

a cup of the liquid as a starter.

Any information presented here is for informational purposes only and not intended to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a medical practitioner.

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