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HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN VIBRATIONAL ESSENCES: I offer a workshop on my forum.

Herbs can be used to transform the body on a physical and emotional level. All herbs transform by balancing, cleansing, nourishing and supporting the body.

In the spring the plants are transformed. They have been resting underground, and are transformed once again by the warmth of the sun. Spring is the perfect time to bring about transformation on a physical and emotional level.

Three of my favorite spring herbs that grow locally are nettles, dandelion and chickweed. Using these herbs in the spring helps to nourish and cleanse the body after the winter. All three herbs are full of vitamins and minerals. Nettles help to provide iron and calcium and nourish the adrenal glands to give energy. Using dandelion leaves and flowers in the spring is cleansing to the urinary tract and liver. Chickweed nourishes the liver and gently cleanses urinary tract and bowels, calming inflammation and infection.

Plants can help us transform on an emotional and spiritual level as well. Vibrational essences work subtly but are a powerful aid to transformation. They can help us to overcome old thought patterns and are useful during energy shifts to help us through negative states of being that contribute to or cause disease, emotional imbalance, or spiritual disharmony. Flower essences stimulate the body’s ability to heal by restoring balance to chakras and energy fields, releasing old thought patterns and emotions that no longer serve us.

When I make vibrational essences I choose a strong plant at its peak of growth. I don’t pick the plant to make the essence, but instead bend the plant into a crystal bowl, so that the plant is still drawing the energies of the earth. The essence is then made homeopathically. These same spring plants can be used in the form of vibrational essences. Nettle vibrational essence is useful to release pain associated with endings, partings, and nourishes the root chakra. Dandelion helps to released tension stored in the muscles, it is useful for those who are highly strung or hard on themselves, and to release buried fears and unhealthy emotions stored in the heart and throat chakras. Chickweed essence nourishes the throat chakra allowing you to let go, and express yourself. It is helpful to practitioners and therapists who need to be present and available emotionally to their clients.

Use spring herbs to help transform physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I offer a vibrational essence making workshop on my forum.





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