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December 2003




Since I started eating raw food (80%) in Sept. 09, I have put my dogs back on raw. My dog that is 8 no longer has arthritic pain in his spine. My dog is 5 who has digestive disorders & has always been terribly thin (and not able to assimilate properly) has put weight on finally.

Just an update on the feeding: I have totally cut grains out of my dog's diets, I would suggest this can be the root cause of almost any health issue.

My dog that was so thin had issues with his gall bladder (confirmed by a vet), he can't digest fats. I have put him on digestive enzymes, I pour a bit out of a capsule & add it to his dinner, it has cleared the problem up completely & he has put weight on.


My dogs eat 2 meals a day plus raw cookies as a treat.

Keep in mind certain foods are better for certain breeds of dog, just like with people, some dogs can't tolerate some foods. I have stopped feeding my dogs any grains at all, including sprouted grain, I noticed one of my dogs in particular gets a lot of anxiety within a couple of day of eating grains.




Paco is eating yogurt, banana, canteloupe seeds, and their greens powder.


My dogs seem to need a breakfast & a dinner. Neither of them are overweight.

I was just looking at my articles on feeding dogs on my website & noticed I used to feed them differently in the morning. I used to cook up potatoes & carrots.  I don’t feed them anything cooked any more.

We seem to have settled on what works well for them & keeps them full.

They always have some fruit with me first thing in the morning. I give them what they their favorites are. For Paco this is apple, apple is healing to the bowels, I know that’s why he likes apples so much. If I store apples down where he can get them, he’ll just help himself. And he also picks them off the old apple tree in the yard. It is leaning over so the branches brush the ground. He grabs one & backs up until it comes off the tree, then brings it inside to eat.
Rodney likes mango (a lot) and pears.

So every morning I just give them slices of fruit. Usually they eat one whole pear, or one whole apple. Best to slice these up so they don’t eat the seeds which are slightly toxic.

Then after bit I give them a little dish of plain yogurt with a greens powder on top: spirulina, dulse, kelp, slippery elm, apple pectin, marshmallow powder. The reasons for some of these supplements address my dogs’ health issues. Not sure why I settled on giving them yogurt, since its not a raw food, but that’s what I give them.

In the colder seasons or if the dogs are extra hungry, I grind up some flax seeds with some pumpkin & sunflower seeds, soak this in water until its thick & then stir in the yogurt. Very gluey on schnauzer beards !



I make up a huge batch of this & freeze it in containers.

Their breakfast food is in a base of cooked potato &/or yam, that's the only cooked food they eat. I cooked a big pot of potatoes & yam & let it cool.

Then I stir in:

raw veggies: bits of anything in season that's in the fridge, wheat grass, I run this through the juicer to homogenize it, which grinds it up very fine for easy digesting

sprouted grains or seeds: like lentils or beans, quinoa, sunflower seeds, I homogenize this as well

a few raw eggs with shells (blended in the blender)

a few raw sardines

raw nuts & seeds: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds

ground flax, ground whole oat groats



hemp hearts, hemp oil



powder: slippery elm, arrowroot, carob, apple pectin, chlorella, acidophilus

carrot pulp from the juicer -- not too much, this is total fiber

flax seeds, ground soaked nuts & seeds, hemp hearts

grated apple or other fruit

soak it all in warm water for a bit

sometimes I add avocado, almond milk, or coconut milk

Both dogs have very shiny coats now from eating all the good fats.



use any raw meat your dog can tolerate, organic is great, wild meat is great, include some organ meats (keep in mind that especially livers & kidneys of commercial beef & chicken is probably pretty toxic, DO NOT FEED PORK)

add a few raw sardines or mackerel

a few raw eggs with the shell

unpasteurized apple cider vinegar

as a supplement a bit of the following as powders: alfalfa, wheat grass, kelp, dulse, any other supplements your dog uses

hemp oil

a few raw veggies for extra fiber

I grind all of this, usually in the food processor, so its all mushed together. Then I add some whole flax for fiber & to thicken it. You make these into patties & freeze on trays, then pile them into bags. Or just mush it into a 1/2" layer in big freezer baggies, then you can partially thaw it & bend it to break off portions to thaw.

I also give my dogs bones (for calcium & extra fiber since the plain meat is low fiber, bones help to dispel parasites too). I give them a RAW chicken leg, chicken foot, or chicken neck after dinner. Your dog will eat the entire piece of chicken bones & all. Sometimes it is good to give them larger leg bones to chew on. Wild meat bones are the best.



Leave the chicken hearts or gizzards whole, add the other ingredients from above. Freeze in containers. One of my dogs has to be on a very low fat diet, this agrees with him.

Then give them a whole raw chicken leg after.



Sharing some vegan hemp ice cream with Rodney.


For this you need a food dehydrator. Drying at low temperatures keeps the enzymes of the foods alive. I make cookies & crackers for myself with some of the same basic ingredients.

My dogs love these, they circle around the food dehydrator waiting for them. I left the tray down low one time when I was making the cookies, turned around for a second & 1/2 of them were gone! Kind of like sneaking raw cookie dough.

Base for the cookies can be any or all of the following:

pulp from your juicer (make sure its veggies they will be ok eating, like carrot pulp)

ground raw whole oats (remember rolled oats have been processed, buy whole oats at a health food store)

ground flax seeds

the almond pulp leftover from making almond milk

Add any supplements: kelp, himalayan salt, nutritional yeast, kelp, etc

Add some whole flax seeds. Stir it all together & let it sit, It should be gluey & sticky & hold together. If not add a bit of water & let sit again.

Wet your hands & form into little dog cookies, flatten them in your hands. Put on food dehydrator trays, you can line them with parchement paper, with a hole cut out of the center.

Dehydrate until CRISPY dry. If they are totally dry, you can store them in a cookie jar & they will not mold.


cooked food for dogs

This diet below is ok if you can't feed raw: If your dog is older, or can't tolerate raw, start introducing cooked, foods, and/or foods that agree with him. Let your dog smell fruits & veggies you are cutting & decide for himself what he wants to eat. Let your dog sniff a variety of supplements as well, you'll get an idea which ones he is wanting. (make sure to introduce these slowly & in a dosage low enough for his weight)

Keep in mind that dogs are unique beings with unique nutritional needs just like us. Find out what whole foods agree best with your dogs.

Your dog may not be getting the nutrition he needs if he suffers from any of the following: his breath smells, he has gas, his coat is not shiny and smells bad, he has fleas, he gets worms often, he suffers from infections or has skin problems or is otherwise in poor health. Try changing your dog's diet, giving him herbs and other supplements, and watch his health improve. My older dogs are 10 and 14 years old, still have all their teeth and are in good health. I have only had to take them to a vet 3 times between the two of them.

This recipe makes 2 large soup pots of food, put 1/2 the ingredients into each pot.

VEGETABLES: , grated or chopped: use whatever is in season, that your dog likes: sweet potatoes, yam, carrots, squash (keep the seeds, and add to the blender ingredients to help keep parasites out of the digestive tract), leafy greens such as kale, corn (blend it in the blender, again, some dogs don't tolerate corn). I save time by placing chunks of vegetables in the blender with water, and just blend it into small pieces.

GRAINS: please don't feed your dogs grains.

Add 16 cups water and bring to a boil, then turn off the heat, put a lid on the pot and let sit for several hours. Then stir in:

MEAT: ground beef, or chicken, or beef heart and some beef liver, this needs to be organic so your dog is not getting residue from hormones, antibiotics & other junk they don't need. Don't use pork, dogs can get sick eating pork. If you don't feel comfortable feeding raw meat, it's fine to cook it, your dog will still be getting better nutrition than with commercially prepared dog foods. Chop the meat very small, and increase to the size of a grape as the puppy gets older. Add some canned sardines or tuna, along with the other meat if you dog has any skin problems. My dogs have been eating salmon as their only meat for several years, I find it is the healthiest choice for them. Now one of my dogs can't tolerate salmon at all, I've been using other proteins: eggs, ground raw sunflower seeds, hemp hearts & chicken.

SUPPLEMENTS: Blend, in the blender with a little water, the following supplements to add vitamins, minerals, fiber and other important nutrients to your dog's diet. This is the amount I use for a 25 lb. adult dog, so adjust the amounts according to your dog's weight.

Bran: 6 tbsp. (for fiber and to help avoid impacted anal glands).

If your dog needs extra fiber, you can soak a few tablespoons of psyllium husks in water for 1/2 hour, stirring occasionally, until it has puffed up, then just pour it into the blender with the other supplements. Make sure you let it soak in the water first, this is very important! You could also add one raw carrot, and/or raw apple to the blender, for extra fiber. If your dogs likes carrot and apple, or other raw vegetables and fruit, just give him several small pieces to eat when you are chopping some for yourself for the extra fiber. These are low calorie treats, and you will get get to know which fruits and vegetables are you dog's favorites. My puppy can hear a mango being sliced into from anywhere in the house & comes running into the kitchen for a piece! Raw onions should not be given to dogs. The raw meat in this food recipe also has a laxative effect. Some dogs may require some mildly laxative herbs, if the fiber in this diet is not enough to help with chronic constipation, just email me for a consultation, and we can work on this further.

Raw Garlic: 4 cloves (to avoid parasites and fleas)

Honey: 2 tbsp.

Olive oil: 4 tbsp.

Cod Liver Oil: (in the winter) depending upon your pets weight

Kelp or Seaweed: 1/2 tbsp. (for minerals)

Bonemeal: 1 tbsp. (calcium source)

Ground dried eggshell: 1 tbsp. (calcium source) Clean & dry your eggshells, then grind them in a coffee grinder.

Nutritional Yeast: 2 tbsp.

Herbs: 4 tbsp. This changes with each season, or my dog's needs, but I use a lot of Alfalfa, Dandelion root and leaves, Cleavers, Burdock). In doing a consultation for your dog, I can pinpoint exactly which herbs your dog should be using.

Apple Cider Vinegar: 3 tbsp. (to help kill any bacteria in the raw meat)

Molasses: 4 tbsp.

Ground flax seeds: 4 tbsp. These are also full of fiber.

Coconut: 6 tbsp. (with no sugar added).

When the mixture in the pot cools, stir in the raw meat, and blender of supplements. This can be made in large amounts and frozen in several containers. I freeze the food in small containers with a one day supply of food in each, and thaw one each day. The above recipie make enough food for 24 dinners for one dog.

BONES: I give my dogs raw meat bones after dinner once a week. And I have gotten my dogs into the habit of chewing a rawhide every night after dinner. Gives the jaws some good exercise and helps keep their teeth clean & healthy.

SEASONAL: My dogs use liver cleansing herbs for a few months every fall. I give them herbs for parasite cleansing at least once a year. And I change the herbs in their food according to the season, if you would like help with this, email me at, or fill out a canine consultation form

ANOTHER SNACK IDEA: I was just trying to find something to keep my dogs busy on a rainy day & came up with this idea. I took a few of their old raw meat bones & in the hollow center I smeared some tahini mixed with ground flax. The tahini is rich in calcium & the flax has essential fatty acids & fiber. They love this, and it takes them quite a while to lick it all out of the center.



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Not intended to replace the advice of a veterinarian. Please remember that dogs, like people, can have sensitivities or allergies to foods, try only a small amount of a new food to make sure it agrees with your dog.

Any information presented here is for informational purposes only and not intended to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a medical practitioner.

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