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Alfalfa is a wonderful supplement that especially helps with digestive & bowel problems. One client who had suffered constipation for all of her life has completely changed this, by using alfalfa for one year.

Alfalfa contains all known vitamins and minerals, although some are only in trace amounts. It contains ten times more minerals than average grains because it's roots can grow up to 125 feet deep, where they can absorb minerals beyond the reach of other plants. Alfalfa is very rich in calcium, vitamin C and bioflavinoids. It is a good source of vitamin B12, which is important for vegetarians who do not consume any animal or dairy products. It contains Vitamin K, which is helpful in preventing morning sickness. It is a natural source of fluoride, that is not toxic to the body, helping with bone health and preventing tooth decay. It contains beta-carotene for healthy immune system, skin, and mucous membranes.

Humans do not have the capacity to breakdown this herb in its raw form because of its extremely high fiber contents. Use alfalfa tablets to gain the benefits of the vitamins, minerals and fiber. The fiber content will help to carry intestinal wastes out of the system.

Bernard Jensen, in his book Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management, considers alfalfa to be almost a panacea (meaning a remedy for all ills). He recommends using four Alfalfa tablets with each meal.

For bowel health the tablets will provide natural fiber to tone weak bowels and clean out bowel pockets. Its chlorophyll content will deodorize breath and body odor, neutralize acidity in the body, and feed the good bacteria present in the intestinal tract. Using a good quality acidophilus at the same time can build up these good bacteria, which are destroyed by antibiotics and some foods, such as, chocolate, black tea, white sugar and coffee. He stated that through iridology analysis he has observed that the use of Alfalfa tablets have lead to more healing signs associated with the bowel than anything else.

Alfalfa contains 8 essential enzymes needed for digestion, so it helps with the digestion of foods when taken with meal.

Alfalfa is useful for arthritic conditions. It has the ability to neutralize acids, such as uric acid. This helps to alkalize the body tissues, which can be helpful in correcting the root cause for arthritic conditions (acidity).

It is useful in correcting skin disorders, such as eczema or psoriasis.

Alfalfa is a diuretic, reducing water retention.

As a tonic, it can be used to improve digestion, assimilation of nutrients, mental clarity, stamina, strength, response to stress, and reduce toxicity.

Use 4 tablets at each meal. Do not take Alfalfa at the same time as Vitamin E, it blocks its absorption. The tablets are inexpensive, they come in sizes of 300 - 500 tablets for around $11.


I use alfalfa herb in my tea for minerals.

Please note that I do not recommend alfalfa sprouts at all, they contain carcinogenic toxins. If you like to eat sprouts, buy other kinds!



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