Reiki and the Attunement Experience

When you take your first reiki class, and receive your first attunement, it is truly a step into the unknown. You may have no clue what 'attunement' means, or may have read a bit about it & understand that it is a sacred ceremony where a reiki teacher passes on the ability to channel reiki energy to the student.

I give 2 attunements with my Level 1 reiki class. Mostly because I noticed that my students open up to the attunement more with the second one. With the first one they dont' know what to expect, and sometimes don't open up to it as much.

In class, I do explain beforehand what an attunement is, and what your role will be (it is very passive, you just need to keep your hands in prayer position, then be ready for me to guide your hands to the top of your crown chakra & back down again).

The experience itself can be quite profound, or really not feel like anything at all. Some of students receive their attunement & just get up say "ok what's next". Most, however, do feel a shift, and I encourage them to channel energy on themselves & sit in meditation for a while afterwards to get the energy flowing. They often experience a feeling of higher vibration in their energy field right away. Anything from feeling light headed to dizzy.

Some students have cried during an attunement, because they felt so moved & so back in their body, like something had been missing a long time & was now a part of them again.

Some see colors, or can suddenly see auras. Some receive messages from their guides.

And with some it takes a few minutes or a few days to kind of soak in, then they feel the energy with increasing strength.

Once I had given many attunements I realized they were taking on a different quality for me personally. Every time a teacher gives an attunement, they receive one. Just like when you give a reiki session, you also receive one as the energy moves through you. I noticed that giving more & more attunements were causing more & more beneficial shifts both physically & emotionally for me. And I started wondering what effect this would have on my students.

I researched this, and sure enough some reiki teachers out there do give additional attunements. In Japan they apparently give one attunement per month.

Additional attunements definitely increase the energy you channel & really bring about shifts of change.

During Reiki Retreats that I offer once a month, I give my students 2 attunements of a level they've already had. We really just can't say enough about how much this helped all of us. And we've had some amazing experiences, of spirit guides coming in, amazing healing colors, total shifts of consiousness, sudden clearing, huge bursts of creativity........

This has become a regular part of what I offer my students if they want to take part. We also give sessions during Retreats which is a wonderful way to receive healing, having 2 or 3 or even 4 other people work on you at once.

As I mentioned in My Reiki Journey, getting reiki attunements begins a 3 week physical, emotional & spiritual cleanse. Here is some information on what you might experience.

Post Attunement "Aura & Chakra Cleansing" : a time of accelerated personal healing

Once attuned to Reiki, you are connected permanently, to the universal energy and its source. From this moment forward, your own healing process begins. You will be channeling reiki energy on yourself daily, which accelerates your healing process.

During an attunement, & for the next 3 weeks, and beyond that as well, your aura & chakras clear & release denser energies & become capable of holding higher frequencies of light for longer periods of time.

The first 21 days after an attunement is known as the 21-day cleansing cycle. During the next 21 days, the energy works through one chakra each day starting at the root and ending at the crown. It flows through the chakras three times, over the course of three weeks, each time working to release any blockages, open the chakras and energy pathways, and cleanse your aura of dense & tangled energies. These dense energies will be cleared on a physical, emotional & spiritual level, allowing higher energies to then fill the energy field, these energies keep our vibrational level higher.

During this 21 day cycle much healing takes place. You may feel as if a whole layer of “stuff” has let go from your body & energy field & begin to feel more balanced as tension, illness, pain, stress, negativity & old emotions, issues, behaviors & tendencies let go. Getting rid of your old stuff allows you to become a stronger & cleared channel for the energies of reiki. Reiki helps us to accept ourselves with true compassion, and to accept all of our experiences and actions as part of who we are & what is meant to be on our life’s path. As we use reiki on ourselves daily, we begin to trust in life, hear the guidance we are meant to hear & trust in that guidance.

Reiki Level 1 can be more of a physical purification. Reiki Level 2 can be more of an emotional & mental purification. And Reiki Master Level can be more of a spiritual purification, giving clarity on your life’s path, & feeling of peace & wholeness.

Remember that in learning reiki you are learning to heal yourself, which means remembering ways to care for yourself:

• Eat more whole foods, eliminate or cut down on red meat, junk food, alcohol, sugar. Fresh vegetables, fruits & grains hold the highest vibration. Seafood & poultry the next highest vibration. Meat from animals with hooves (beef, pork) slow the metabolism & lowers our vibration. Water helps to conduct energy, remember to drink lots of water from now on to keep your vibrational level high.

• Take time to yourself

• Use vibrational essences (they are on my website, I can mix you a blend at no charge)

• Meditate

• Walk in nature, yoga, exercise of any kind

• Journaling

• Take salt baths with 2 cups of any combination of epsoms salts, baking soda, sea salt or Himalayan rock salt & essential oils, put a couple drops of your vibrational essence in your bath water.

• Do reiki self treatment daily, make it part of your day, it is easy to place a hand on yourself & channel the energy

• Do the centering & grounding breathing methods

• Remember you are clearing these physical & emotional issues from your body & aura, so it is healing!

After the 21-day cleansing cycle is complete, the energy continues working within our being, on a much larger scale. The attunement helps to connect you with the bigger picture. The Reiki will always be with you and will direct itself through your life, always guided by your higher source. Things that are detrimental to you will begin to slip away and the dreams and visions of your highest self will open doors to a new approach to life.

Everyone is different and everyone's experience is unique. Reiki does not act alone, it is guided by your higher self and all that is. The Reiki energy only works for our highest good and there will be no changes that you cannot handle. As we face these fears and issues that are brought up during this cleansing, we undergo enormous personal and spiritual growth.

There is no area of life that Reiki will not change and effect:

• It brings healing as a result of raising our vibrations closer to that of the original design.

• It will assist in bringing goals and desires into manifested form.

• It will work at healing relationships, between people or objects; wherever there is disparity and imbalance, the energy will reinstate order and stability.

• Reiki energy can be used to heal and balance anything in the past or the present, and Reiki can be sent to any situation that will occur in the future, to insure the best results possible (to be balanced and harmonious).

• Reiki will bring healing to situations that you may not yet be aware of.

• When an area of life is healed, the altered energy will bring change to all other areas of your life.



Repeated attunements mean repeated cleansing, and really opens you up to being a clearer & stronger path for the reiki energy. It accelerates your personal healing.

Reiki is a pathway of continual illumination, love, light, peace, & compassion. We intuitively know how to use it. It is one of the easiest & most natural forms of healing there is. Reiki opens up a greater flow of life energy.

In today’s fast moving pace, it is far more important to deal with holistic wellness than to cure things after they have taken place. Each reiki attunement & each degree will take you to a place of brighter illumination so that your unique light energy is clearer, more powerful & more beneficial to all life forms.

The increase of universal life energy through reiki affects more than your physical & emotional health, reiki brings spiritual growth as well. Follow the happenings of life, they will lead you to places and people who will promote your inner growth. Focal points or priorities of your life will be altered. More and more you will find a quiet honesty about your actions and your lifestyle.

In learning reiki be prepared to experience growth, expansion of consciousness, spiritual healing & strength

Remember that the more you use reiki and keep reiki in your consciousness, the more you will receive.


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