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I offer this as a download manual if you want to work on your own, for $10, payment link is at the bottom of the page. If you want to work through it on my forum, I will answer any questions you have on the forum and help you along the way, cost for that is $30.

Learn how to design your own cleanse that is both safe & gentle or have questions. Includes a lot of information, and support if you need to ask questions.

Cost is $30.
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*What is a cleanse/detox?

Eating raw foods, or only specific foods or liquids to give your body a rest from the work of digestion, so it can begin to heal itself.
To tone & cleanse the main organs of elimination: especially bowel, kidneys & liver.  This will address the underlying cause of many health problems.
Being very mindful of what you are eating for a week or so gives your taste buds & your mind time adjust to foods that are nutritious. This can change what you desire to eat, and help you let go of unhealthy food choices.
Different degrees of cleansing will make it safer for anyone regardless of their toxicity levels, & current health.

My thoughts on cleansing the body is that it should be done gradually & gently. From my experience, severely limiting your food intake, fasting, juice fasting, etc. can be dangerous & tends to drop the blood sugar which can lead to shakiness, irritability, headaches, & feeling faint.

Cleansing kits from the health food store often contain strong herbal laxatives which most people do not need. None of this sounds too appealing & most people find it hard enough to want to take some time to restrict their diet to do a cleanse.

If you have health problems, or are on prescription medicine you should consult your doctor before attempting any cleansing. Do not cleanse during pregnancy or nursing.

What I recommend is gentle daily cleansing, which can be done for several months, or years at a time just through the use of a custom blended tincture to cleanse the body systems which are most toxic. This could involve candida cleansing, liver cleansing, bowel cleansing, cleansing the kidneys, lymphatics or any other major organ or body system.

Why should I do a cleanse or fast?
You want to clean toxic materials from your body to improve your health & improve any current ailments at the root cause.
Doing a cleanse, or eating a mainly raw food diet, or even eating a 100% whole food diet, plus bowel cleansing will do a lot to address ANY health problems you may have, whether these are physical or emotional.


Dragonfly Herbals Cleansing Manual $10

This is a 17 page manual explaining how to design your own cleanse. It covers:

  • What is cleansing?
  • Nutritional choices during cleansing.
  • What is fasting?
  • What type of cleanse is best for me?
  • Why health food store cleanses are harmful.
  • How long to cleanse, how to break a cleanse.
  • Bowel cleansing.
  • 3 day outline for food choices during a cleanse.
  • Specific food choices for cleansing.
  • What NOT to eat.
  • Herbs & supplements for cleansing.
  • Recipes: shake, raw crackers, almond milk, raw cereal.


$10, pay through paypal below


Any information presented here is for informational purposes only and not intended to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a medical practitioner.





Any information presented here is for informational purposes only and not intended to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a medical practitioner.

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