Energize & Replenish

Constant stress, poor diet, unbalanced blood sugar levels, pain, illness, and lack of proper nutrients can lead to fatigue and depleted adrenal glands. To energize and replenish the body, begin by adding a little more raw food to your diet to increase enzymes needed for digestion & absorption, add a couple of supplements to increase energy levels and some herbal remedies to nourish the adrenal glands.

Digestive enzymes help with proper digestion of foods, build resistance to illness, and help the body absorb the nutrients in your food, all of which help your energy levels. Take a digestive enzyme supplement with each meal and eat some raw food at each meal.

First thing in the morning, add some freshly squeezed lemon or grapefruit to a glass of water; this cleanses the digestive tract and helps to hydrate the body. Drink this, and then wait ½ or so before eating breakfast. Eating small meals and snacks throughout the day is very important for maintaining energy levels. A shake with a greens product or spirulina, yogurt, fruit and hemp hearts is a good energizing breakfast. If you are in a hurry, eat a handful of whole, raw almonds, fruit and some yogurt.

For lunch, eat some raw vegetables in addition to what you normally eat, to provide enzymes necessary for good digestion, good absorption and energy. Carry some slices of carrot, cucumber, red yellow or green peppers, or whatever raw vegetable is your favorite. Take a digestive enzyme.

With dinner, have some raw vegetables or a salad first. Take a digestive enzyme.

Adding a B-complex vitamin daily will help with energy levels and nervous system health. Check your multi vitamin, if it contains less than 50 mg of all the B-vitamins, try buying a B-50 complex and take 1 – 3 per day with a meal. One with breakfast, and two with lunch is ideal.

Herbs are a wonderful way to increase energy levels without over stimulating the body. Try a tea made from herbs every day. Nettles and Oatstraw can be used as a tea, to provide vitamins and minerals. Nettles are one of my favorite herbs, they taste really good in tea. I pick my own Nettles each spring and dry enough to last until the next year. Nettles and Oatstraw nourish the adrenal glands and kidneys, and are calming and soothing to the nervous system. This tea is high in calcium, magnesium and iron.

An herbal formula providing herbs such as Siberian Ginseng, Licorice root (if you don’t have high blood pressure), Wild Yam, Schizandra, and Astragalus can provide support for tired adrenal glands, and help the body deal with day to day stress. Using a tonic such as this over several months can slowly bring about balance: increasing mental alertness and clarity, improving digestion, helping with deeper sleeper, helping the immune system work more efficiently, and increasing the body’s ability to deal with stress. Formulas in tincture form are easy to use; the simplest way that I have found for my clients to remember to take their herbal remedies is to put a full daily dose of their tincture into a liter bottle of water, and sip at this all day. You will be getting your full daily dose of herbs and drinking enough water.

Try using raw vegetables, some B complex vitamins, digestive enzymes, and an herbal tonic for a month and see how energized you feel!



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