Vibrational Essences

This page is for information only. I do not sell essences. I do offer a course locally & by distance if you'd like to learn to make your own essences out of your local plants! Cost of the workshop is $45 Canadian. If you are local I need a minimum of 3 people.

Vibrational essences work in the same way that homeopathic remedies work. Vibrational essences are based on plants, gems or minerals. Each essence contains the vibration of the plants or other matter that it is made from and that vibration corresponds with particular emotional, physical and spiritual attributes.

Vibrational essences are a form of very subtle healing that work on energy centres of the human body (or animals) balancing and harmonising energy flow. They are effective in removing negative thought patterns, blocked energy, negative emotions and releasing past traumas. Essences are effective in supporting and assisting people to move forward in more positive ways eg, with increased courage, clarity or peace of mind.

Vibrational essences have subtle healing properties that restore balance on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. They can be used to enhance personal development & are a powerful aid to transformation. They can help us to overcome old behavior problems & negative states of mind that may contribute to or cause disease, emotional imbalance & spiritual disharmony. Flower essences stimulate the body’s ability to heal by restoring balance to chakras & energy fields, releasing old thought patterns & emotions.

Because Vibrational Essences work on a vibrational & energetic level they work well in between reiki sessions.

To select remedies that are most useful to you at this time, read the descriptions about each essence & choose the ones that address key emotional, physical & psychological issues you are experiencing. Often intuition lead you to choose a particular essence. As many essences as you need can be combined in one formula.

Essences are safe for humans & pets, & have no taste, and can be used with while using other medications or remedies.





How to use your essences:

Flower essences are taken by adding about 5 drops to your drinking water several times a day until improvement is noticed. Essences may be used more often if you feel you need for more frequent doses, let your intuition guide you. Often clients feel the need to use their essence once an hour for the first day or two.

Essences can also be added to bath water, lotions, oils, shampoo or conditioner, in a water fountain, in an essential oil burner, etc.

Don't touch the dropper of your vibrational essence bottle with your hands or tongue, this changes the energetic qualities. Don't sit the bottle near anything electrical.

How I make essences:

I don't pick any plant parts to make my essences, I lean the plant over into a crystal bowl, keeping the plant's energy coming from the earth. The essences are then prepared homeopathically until a dosage bottle is obtained.


is used as a homeopathic remedy for soft tissue damage & bruising. As a vibrational essence it is used for emotional shock or trauma that becomes locked into the body preventing full physical recovery.


is for those who feel ungrounded, indifferent to everyday life, who find their lives unhappy & withdraw into fantasy worlds & daydreaming, absent minded. Useful for itching, hot spots, shock & anxiety. Can help with creativity, and a full appreciation of life. Nourishes the solar plexus chakra.


nourishes the throat chakra allowing you to express yourself freely & easily. It assists you to be able to lighten up and experience the magic of the present. It is helpful for releasing grievances from the past, for those stuck in any kind of emotional drama of thought process, helpful in weight loss as excess weight can represent being stuck or carrying emotional baggage. It helps practitioners and therapists who need to be present & available to their clients.

is useful for those who repeat the same mistakes over & over again, never learning from past experience. Teaches one to be a good learner & pay attention to the present.


essence offers protection & compassion when making personal sacrifices that are for the highest good of all concerned. It provides protection & trust for those who feel vulnerable. Helps to heal old emotional wounds & patterns, bringing forth repressed parts of the self, feelings memories & parts of the physical body which may be shut down by the subconscious. Use for trauma, lack of communication, to enhance intuition & for first aid. For nervous exhaustion, irritability, emotional tension and nervous habits such as nail biting or panic attacks. Comfrey calms & balances the nervous system, and released tension stored in the solar plescus chakra bringing tranquility.

helps to get you back into action & feeling enthusiastic when feeling downhearted, moody, critical or out of control emotionally. Useful during prolonged labor when the woman feels despondent and doesn’t have the energy to continue. It helps you to open the heart chakra to love & change past patterns of behavior, allowing you to be true to yourself, optimistic, inspiring to others, joyful, and see the good in every situation. It is the Buddha remedy, bringing healing to the soul, inner peace & stillness.

is primarily an emotional remedy to release tension & restriction generated from grief and sadness, especially for those who have experienced a loss & have blocked their own energy. It allows you to release the heaviness & tension related to loss & allows you to experience emptiness without resistance. It helps to nourish the throat chakra & to release physical tension in the upper back & shoulders.

helps to release emotional tension stored in the muscles. For release of stress, caused by those striving for perfection. Use for highly strung individuals who are over-striving, over-strung or hard driving on themselves, for those with poor posture, during the last stages of birth to help let go of the baby. Helps release grief, buried fears & unhealthy emotions stored around the heart chakra, thymus & throat chakra, Helps with realization & understanding of your intuition, and to bring inner peace and balance.

for those experiencing frustration, self hatred, and self criticism, and who avoid expressing anger. This essence helps with communication with the higher self, gives passion for life, ability to trust one’s self & one’s higher guidance.

is an essence for clearing memory problems, both on an emotional level & relating to karmic relationships & connections with the higher self. It provides ability for heightened awareness of the spiritual world & subtle energies, awareness of your spiritual self, enhances the subconscious, meditation, visions & dream states. Use to bring relief from nightmares, sleepwalking, those with soul isolation, blocked communication from other dimension, and lack of awareness of spiritual connection with others. Helps with memory, clarity of thought, release of negative thought patterns, for remembering dreams & past lives. Grounds your energy. Nourishes the crown chakra.

can help release constriction in the area of the heart chakra. Releases behavior patterns, especially patterns from past lives. To accept the connection with the higher self as the centre & source of a higher quality of love in your live. Playfulness. Helps to gain insight into a problem. Balances the polarities of the higher self and the earth.



is an essence for balance to attune your inner rhythms, to help those who are slow or procrastinate to get up & move, and fast over-doers to slow down & relax. It can release suppressed emotions of deep-seated anger, pain & shame, assisting in the expression of deep feelings without inhibition, allowing these feelings to brought into consciousness & understood. It cleanses the heart chakra & the emotional body, moving energy held in the crown chakra down through the physical body to the root chakra. Fuchsia tones & nourishes the kidney & bladder channels.


helps those with deep seated anger, fear, confusion, worry despair & nervousness, nervous habits. For imbalances of a cyclic nature, such as hormonal imbalances, pms, migraine, this essence bring about calmness & serenity.



Heal All

use in a formula to enhance other essences and as a catalyst for mind/body healing. gives the ability to tap into the healing forces. use for inability to take responsibility for one's healing, lack of motivation for healing, or being too dependent on external advice for healing choices, for those who have lost the belief in their ability to be well, for those facing great healing challenges whether these are physical, mental, or spiritual.

Iris/Violet/Daylily combination
for those lacking in creativity or inspiration, dullness, shyness, fear of being in groups. This combination gives a feeling of self worth, inspired creativity, vision & perspective, sharing with others while remaining true to oneself.

is useful for those who find it uncomfortable to be in groups or who are mistrusting of others. It helps in letting down one’s guard enough to feel more comfortable & gracious with others. Kava opens the heart & solar plexus chakras. I enhances joy in the celebration of community.

Lady’s Mantle
is an essence for awareness, helping you to access the deeper resources of the mind especially when you are unable or unwilling to be conscious on all levels & your understanding & awareness have become limited. This essence balances will power, improves intuition, wisdom, spiritual stability, and sensitivity of the body. Energetically, it works with the cranial plates. Nourishes the heart chakra.



helps you to stay calm, centered & focused, it simplifies issues & helps give a general view of what goes on around you, providing a sense of unity with your surroundings. Lupine promotes comfort in group settings, augmenting gentleness & kindness with yourself & others. Useful for hyperactivity to bring about calmness & self possession. Lupine opens our ability to step beyond ourselves & to be filled with Light energy, and to be guided by intuition & a natural flow of energy. This essence impacts the liver channel which is the organ of detoxification, it can help clear the physical discomforts of detoxification (headaches &digestive disorders) and helps to maintain clarity & purity within the physical body. Nourishes the root chakra.


Marshmallow (mallow)

For those who are socially insecure, have fear of reaching out to others; creating barriers, helps you become warm and personable, open-hearted, sharing and friendly.



is useful for releasing pain & grief associated with partings, endings, moving, broken home, and abandoned animals. For conflict with siblings & other relationships. Useful for those with asthma, nerve inflammations, lung tissues damage. Calms the emotional & etheric bodies. Helps with assimilation of nutrients, and nourishes the root chakra.



Use during overwhelming change, trauma or loss, or even an overwhelmingly joyous event. helps one to stay centered, endure & nuture oneself, gives courage to carry on. Use during transitional events such as birth, illness, romance, marriage, death.



For clarity of mind, for emotional balance, and helping you to stay grounded in the present moment. Helps those who are forgetful.

is grounding, helping one to be connected with the present moment & their needs. It helps you to accept life as it is in this moment. It is useful for seasonal affective disorder. Supports the heart chakra during painful learning processes about memories from this life or a past life.



works mainly on the physical body, long term use can help with chronic misalignments of the physical structure, the bones of muscles, fascia, and spine. It can be used at the time of an injury. Every thought & feeling we have is recorded in the physical body, which can create energy blocks & holding patterns. Nourishes the third eye chakra.


Helps to release deep pain, tears & old traumas, that have been stuck for a long time, such as from abuse, old childhood traumas, from surgery, & supressed emotions. This essence releases the tears of supressed emotions, helps in letting go, gives a renewed sense of self.

helps one to draw wisdom from life experience, seeing one’s life process from a higher perspective. For those who see life as ill-fated or undeserved & don’t see the higher purpose & meaning in life’s events. Cleanses meridians, and the digestive system. Balances the solar plexus & heart chakras. Helps with the way we communicate & the words we choose to use. Teaches whole life balance in the ways we live our lives & behave in the world.

use to enhance channeling, balance between body, emotions & spirit, for those who are materialistic, overcome with personal needs & desire, greed or need for power

provides protection from change & outside influences. Useful when one finds it difficult to adjust to any kind of change & when feeling oversensitive to outside influences & ideas. It useful as a buffer during menopausal sensitivity, job changes, a new home, moving, marriage, divorce, parenthood, pms. It helps to break the ties with the past so life can start afresh. Nourishes the spleen chakra

Yarrow : White
protects against negative energy patterns & helps those who are easily depleted by or overly absorbent of psychic or environmental influences. It knits together & strengthens an overly porous aura which is the envelope of vital energy surrounding & protecting the body. It encourages a healthy sense of self, imparting strength & clarity of consciousness. Use during times of extreme stress, for those who are very sensitive especially when around crowds of people, for sensitivity around magnetic fields, x-rays, radiation treatments, those who work near computers. For those who feel extremely vulnerable around others & to their environment, who are easily depleted, and overly absorbent of negative influences.

Yarrow : Pink
Root chakra, very grounding. don’t have a confident sense of self and look to complete themselves in relationship to other people are often involved in imbalanced relationships where they “give too much” and try to solve other peoples’ problems attempt to solve people’s problems so that they themselves won’t have to feel the pain of others often have grown up in chaotic or abusive families without support.

Pink Yarrow types are keenly sensitive to the opinions of those they love. For example, if a domineering dad feels his 40-year-old daughter is incompetent, that emotion can be transfused to her along the cords. She may take it into her self-image. In the case of the love you can't get over or the affair you are hard-put to end, the difficulty may not be so much your lack of will power as the other's person's psychic cords plugged into your aura and transmitting signals. Once these cords are dissolved through Pink Yarrow or other essences, you may find you're simply not interested


Douglas Fir
Helps with those trying to deal with feelings of frustrations & limitations. Gives a positive, clear, mature, life giving masculine energy, wisdom of the eagle, illumination, fresh ideas of creativity, spiritual insight, grounding.

Inner strength & resources, courage to be yourself, male energy


For those who have fears, anxiety & confusion, this brings calmness & clarity & focus to the mind. Strengthens immunity, sharpens awareness, enhances intuition, spiritual awareness, and psychic abilities. Can be used for protection for those who have nightmares, and to transmute negativity. Lets go of hurt frompast relationships, for those have have difficulting giving up control. Balances the third eye & crown chakras.

concentration, focus, centering, solar plexus chakra, ground root chakra, connects to spiritual, builds aura

mentally calming, balances energy, very grounding

Quartz Scepter crystal

Brings spirituality of the higher planes into healing. Healer of the heart chakra. Made under the full moon, midnight Easter Friday.


Trillium, Douglas fir, snowdrop, amethyst, nettle, comfrey, yarrow, snowberry, salmonberry, kava, heal all

Trillium, dandelion, nettle, feverfew, heal all

Trillium, daffodil, lupine, comfrey, feverfew, clematis, sage, kava, chickweed, heal all

Trillium, quartz scepter, snowdrop, lady’s mantle, nettle, cherry, crocus, feverfew, snowberry, sage, kava, foxglove, chickweed, heal all

Trillium, scepter crystal, crocus, sage, chickweed, heal all

Amethyst, trillium, lady’s mantle, scepter crystal, lupine, yarrow, forget me not, clematis, salmonberry, heal all

Amethyst, trillium, eagle, quartz scepter, Douglas fir, daffodil, lady’s mantle, snowberry, forget me not, arbutus, sage, foxglove, heal all












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