St. John's Wort in seed

Heal All, Self Heal, in seed

Red Cedar, Thuja

Yellow Cottonwood Leaf

Cottonwood buds are a great warming herb for pain relief, internally as a tincture, or externally as a liniment


The underside of an Alder Leaf

Top Side of an Alder Leaf

Alder is another favorite of mine used internally for pain & immune system builder, tinctured only

Oregon Grape, Barberry

I use the root in liver & bowel cleansing forumlas


Usnea, notice the little branches are round, when you pull them apart there is a little cord inside.

Notice the one below (althoughy slightly blurry) has flatter little branches, it is not Usnea.


Arbutus with peeling bark

Arbutus berries

Sap from pine & fir trees is great t to be used externally as a warming liniment for pain. And you can take a small piece &

put it in your mouth on sore gums to draw out infection. Kind of sticks in your teeth, tastes great though

& helps your immune system in general.


Teasels, these heads are full of seeds now. I tincture the seeds for pain relief, liver clearing & also is good for lyme disease.

Thistle, the above ground parts can be used for liver cleansing.

Thistle bloom

Burdock Burrs. All parts of burdock can be used for different uses, each part has a slightly different taste for different constitutions

You can use the root, flower stalk, seeds inside the burrs, and the leaves.

This is dandelion, another plant I use all parts of: roots, leaves, flowers, seeds. I use it in tinctures, infusions, salads, and juiced.

Maybe we all think we can identify dandelion easily, but have a look a the plant below, it is NOT dandelion, as I say on my herb walks.

Hairy Cat's Ear & Smooth Hawksbeard are 2 plants that grow in the Pacific Northwest, that upon first glance look similar.

Notice that the leaves of the plant below are fuzzy, meaning it is NOT dandelion.

Although dandelion leaves have lots of different shapes, ranging from deeply lobed (like the plant above) to not so lobed, dandelion

leaves are always smooth, not fuzzy. When in doubt always wait until a plant blooms, that often clears up any confusion.

NOT dandelion.

Pineapple mint going to seed

Motherwort, notice the square stems, which tells you it is in the mint family.

Motherwort is a great women's herb, especially for those around menopause for heart palpitations, blood pressure, and calming moods.

Motherwort reseeds freely, so you'll always have some around.

Borage, such a beautiful plant, a great color with such pretty little hairs. I usually eat the flowers fresh, for nourishing your adrenal glands.

Borage flower

Marshmallow plant. Marshmallow leaves feel soft & fuzzy, the plant is soft & soothing to the urinary tract & lungs.

Its a great herb for those who get colds that tend towards sharp dry pain in the lungs (like with bronchitis), infusions are

soothing & healing to the lungs.

Comfrey in the fall.

Millions of kale babies that will overwinter & then grow vigorously in the early spring.

I use a lot of kale juiced & sometimes marinated (raw), so I grow a lot of it.

This years plants are still tall with some leaves on them, and will be there for harvesting all winter.

Staghorn Sumac, berries & other parts can used for fluid loss: through the kidneys, those who pee way too much, menstrual fluid, saliva, sweat, diarrhea.

Its is astringent, it helps the body hold on to fluids when too many fluids tend to be lost.

Mugwort, in seeds with leaves changing color. Great dream herb in tea at a bedtime.


Lemon Balm in the fall. Although best picked in the spring for sleep tinctures & bedtime teas, it is still fragrant & wonderful for picking now.

Yarrow, leaves & a flower head. I harvest yarrow for drying or tinctures when the flowers are at their peak.

But it stays green most of the year, so I harvest it whenever needed for immune system & back pain. Notice the leaves

look a bit like a spine.

Hawthorne berries in the fall. I harvest the berries in the fall for tinctures. Great for heart, blood pressure & circulatory system in general.

All the berries higher up on the tree are for the chickadees.

Now that the weather is cool & rainy again, more chickweed is coming up. Such a beautiful little plant that tastes great eaten fresh, in

salads, infusions & juiced.

The last of the rose petals, which make a wonderful gentle tincture to open & nourish the heart chakra, gently relieve pain.

The rose hips are ready for picking now as well. I am more a fan of the rose petals for myself.


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