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As far as using different types of greens in your smoothies, I think it is smart to use a wide range of greens, I use spirulina (make sure it is not from Japan), chlorella, E3 live/Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae, and lots of different types of leafy greens in my smoothies. The powdered greens are great supplements for detoxifying & keeping blood sugar balanced by offering some protein, and help with a wide range of health issues.

I get my Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae from here: Its expensive but great stuff.

You ALSO need to incorporate lots of leafy greens into your diet through juices if you own a juicer, salads, and the easiest way by drinking smoothies.

Stuff all kinds of strange & interesting lettuces & greens in you smoothie & blend the heck out of it. Blending breaks down the cells walls of the food, if you have a good blender & allows your body to more completely absorb what you are ingesting. Any blender will make an adequate smoothie. I think the best way is to make a large smoothie & put it into a glass jar with a lid & carry it around with you, sip at it for hours. Your body doesn't need a whole bunch of food at once, you will eat less & absorb more if you just sip at a nutritious smoothie. And we REALLY don't need a cooked food protein breakfast.

Anyway can at least incorporate a raw breakfast into their day & will start to feel better & their body will feel the benefits of some great whole raw foods. If you feel the smoothie is not filling enough, either make 2 jars of smoothie or bring along some apples as well. This should easily carry you over until lunch time.

At first I was eating a very large smoothie -- 2 mason jars, some random fruit in season, and a few apples. Usually this was great until early afternoon for me. I definitely don't need that much now.

Leafy greens are a major food group that provide us with a huge portion of our nutritional needs, including easily digested protein.

There's all kinds of green at every store, try a little bit of something new each week but definitely buy a wide range of greens. NOT head lettuce, please do not eat that at all. It just clogs up your colon. Leafy greens include romaine & all those other leafies like red lettuce, butter lettuce. etc. Kale is harder to blend in a regular blender. Chard without the central stem blends up pretty good in a regular blender. You can parsley. Just see what's there. Also the boxed organic spring greens are great if you want some easy.

I think we need a wide range of greens, I use spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae & a wide variety of leafy greens daily.

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