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vs. classes with other teachers

Number of hours to become a reiki master. Number of hours of instruction

My classes:
110 hours of instruction time.
72+ sessions you will give
36+ sessions you will receive

36+ attunements


Other reiki classes with other teachers is often:
3 classes
3 attunements
24 hours instruction
6 sessions you would give
3 sessions you would receive

I have to question the validity of offering 3 levels of reiki, that’s just 3 classes, to become a reiki master. That’s just 3 attunements. That’s maybe just 3 sessions you’ve given under instruction.
If each level is an 8 hour class, a person has taken 24 hours of instruction, and maybe some practicum experience and is a reiki master.

My levels of reiki, levels 1,2, &3 are 3 hours each. This is plenty of time to understand the course material without being overwhelmed by too much detail or detail you don’t even need.
I ask my students to also work through the apprenticeship before taking master level. That is up to 33 classes of about 3 hours per class. So that’s about 100 hours.

By the time you are ready for master level you’ve had

  • 3 levels @ 3+ hours each = 10 hours
  • 33 classes @ 3+ hours each = 100 hours

Thats 110 hours of class time.
Thats 36 sessions you’ve done on each student in class. So maybe 72 sessions
That’s 36 sessions you have received to do your own self healing.
That’s an attunement EACH time 36 attunements.
Then we move into master level, which is a 4 day course of about 4 hours per day.

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