Apprenticeships are ongoing

cost is $30 per class

you need to book level 1 reiki with me before beginning the apprenticeship

email me to see which apprenticeship has space in it, or when a new one is starting

classes are for women only


The appenticeship has 3 parts:

1. rites of the munay ki: plus chakra work & animal totems

2. streaming living light: 2 other types of reiki

3. light journeys: integrating a new chakra system & sacred geometry. advanced work for those who've taken other portions of the apprenticeship


Streaming Living Light of Seichim


~all levels of seichim, and shambhala (not master levels)
~chakra healing course
~working with spirit helpers
~personal healing through giving & receiving reiki sessions

You can expect a relaxed supportive environment, surrounded by

crystals & stones,

candles & sage

buddhas & sounds bowls.




moving into channeling more high vibrational energies to

  • Increase creativity
  • Increase intuitive abilities to your comfort level
  • Channel more & deeper energies
  • moving more into drawing energy in on your own

What you can expect from this course:

  • Learning many more symbols that channel different frequencies for different types of healing
  • Working with the chakras one by one to empower, balance & heal them
  • Focus is on positive healing, moving forward, balance, NOT going over issues & trauma & “clearing”. We rebalance the chakras, rebalance all layers of the energy field, ground & protect the entire light body to realign you with your original authentic self
  • Improving your skills at giving reiki sessions
  • LOTS of improvement in self healing from receiving regular reiki sessions!

Structure of classes:

  • Discussion of new materials such as symbols
  • I sage everyone & call in the directions
  • We will do a meditation on the chakra we are working on, to find spirit helpers & help with the healing process and with guidance
  • Sessions: each person receives a session from all the others. This is quite powerful since several people are working to balance you a the same time

What do the sessions do?

  • These types of sessions rebalance your entire light body
  • They are different than just a hands on reiki session
  • We reknit the layers of the energy field
  • Rebalance all the chakras
  • Give hands on reiki
  • Use sound bowls & crystals to enhance healing

You’ll find you feel balanced, calm, centered, and healed after each class. Any adjustments that the symbols & sessions provide just lend themselves to a gently nudge in a direction more in line with your authentic self. Old habits & traumas drop away as they are ready to & new habits & balance replace them.




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