Raw food & eating at someone else’s house or going out to eat

Ok, so you’ve gone mostly raw & things are going pretty well, you are starting to feel more healthy, you are getting a handle on how to feed yourself this new way, learning how to prepare foods a new way & then disaster strikes.....


If you’ve been raw or mostly raw for a while there will be an ever growing list of foods that there is NO way you can eat. There’s probably a few ‘safe’ unraw foods you can still eat, but what to do when not eating at home???

EAT BEFORE GOING OUT so you are not arriving hungry. Big mistake for me when I was first going raw & had to eat every hour or so, was not eating a good sized meal before going out to eat. I went to an event kind of hungry and ALL  the salads were cooked or had cheese dressings on them. I didn’t even bring food with me, I was thinking I’d be able to eat the salads!

So RAW FOOD 101: Eat first, and ALWAYS ALWAYS have food in your purse. I bring an apple, an avocado, a banana, those are all filling. If you need to be more clandestine: dried seeds & dried fruits you can quietly sneak those. Raw cookies like the ones I posted on my website tutorial are also great, they are filling.

Since going raw, I have NEVER left home without food in purse, and usually about twice as much as I think I might need. Then you don’t get stuck when some well meaning person starts naming a million foods they have & why can’t you eat them.

WHY don’t you eat these foods? Where do you get your protein? What do you eat? Rabbit food?

Don’t engage in a debate about your eating choices, unless you want to get into a debate. After 30 years of defending my good eating habits I have let go of that.

Some people are genuinely curious & would love to know more & sometimes that’s great. But a lot of time I just want to enjoy a social occasion & not have it focused on my eating habits.

A lot of the time people feel the need to criticize your eating choices, mostly likely because they know they don’t eat well, or don’t want to admit that to themselves.

My way around this is not to announce I only eat raw food, I just bring my own food or food to share & just say “I’m ok” when asked why I don’t eat their food, and then change the subject.

Another comment that seems to stop people in their tracks when they ask me why I am not eating their cooked food... I just reply “oh, I don’t eat”. Then change the subject.

You can’t trust a salad

If asked by the person making the food what they can make for me, I usually just say don’t worry about, that I will pick at things & bring my own.

Its not about being a purist & finding it morally wrong to eat a certain food, its about the fact that it will make me sick if I eat most cooked foods now!

Even asking them to make a salad is not safe. Well meaning people may throw all kinds of things on salad that you can’t really eat. Like croutons (which you can obviously pick around), or a can of tuna, or bacon bits, or cheese, or a bottle of creamy salad dressing ..... the list goes on.

In the end the best thing to do is bring your own, and if they have some foods that appeal to you great.

Bring an amazing raw dish to share if the people you are sharing a meal with would be open to that.

And any raw vegans should know how to make the most incredibly decadent raw desserts that will amaze your friends. I know everyone looks forward to my amazing chocolate pies. So I bring my own salad & then a big raw chocolate vegan dessert & every is pretty happy!

If you are going out to a restaurant same thing applies, eat first. I also bring my own food in my purse. That way if I have to order a really plain salad I’ll pull an avocado out of my purse & slice it up! heh heh.... honestly officer, this is not my avocado, I was just holding it for a friend.

Sometimes I just nibble on stuff I have in my purse & just enjoy visiting, not taking part in the eating.

So just be prepared when you are going out to eat, and it will all be good !

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