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This is not raw food guidelines, this is more a mainstream diet.

Here is just a basic guideline for my clients wishing to improve their nutrition & eating habits. Make sure to eat enough at each meal, with snacks in between so that you don't feel hungry & let your blood sugar drop. I feel at this point this is "old" information for me anyway, but will serve for those on a conventional diet. I suggest everyone consider not eating meat & dairy, and lean more towards raw foods.

Also don't eat soy products. You can research this online. Soy is NOT good for you.

Instead of yogurt you can use coconut milk, almond milk or rice milk.

First thing in the morning: 1 - 2 glasses water with lemon juice or 1/2
grapefruit. Cleanses the digestive system & helps the liver. Wait 1/2 hour before eating.

1. yogurt with: hemp hearts, grated carrot, whole raw cashews, almonds and/or
walnuts, dried raisins or cranberries, coconut, fresh fruit, banana
2. shake: yogurt, water, greens (chlorella, spirulina, greens), acidophilus,
banana, frozen fruit
3. Banana dipped in hemp seeds
4. 1/2 melon or canteloupe filled with yogurt, hemp seeds, chopped nuts


1. almonds, walnuts, raw carrots
2. canned tuna on lettuce
3. leftover salmon, and cucumber slices
4. raw veggies & bean dip (like humous or white bean dip)
5. bean salad: assorted cooked beans, raw grated veggies, lemon, olive oil,
6. cucumber & corn salad with sesame oil, lemon juice, red & orange peppers
7. 1/2 avacado with swiss cheese (swiss cheese is lactose free), and celery
8. almond or cashew butter on celery

1. salmon, spinach salad, 1/2 grilled zucchini
2. cooked bean dish: chili, lentil dish, italian red beans with zucchini,
peppers, tomatoes
3. Baked potato: add yogurt, sunflower seeds, seasoning, strips of raw colored
peppers on the side
4. Soup: pea soup with potatoes, veggie soup with beans, veggie soup with
salmon, celery & tahini dip on the side
5. Veggie stir fry: don't fry though, just add a few tbsp of water to pan
6. Rice based casserole & salad
7. Scrambled eggs & steamed spinach
8. Squash stuffed & steamed spinach
9. Baked beets with rice, raw green beans
10. Curried potato, chick peas & onions with salad.

P.M. Snack
fruit: grapes, pomegranate, blackberry, raspberry, pears, etc.

SNACKS CONTAINING PROTEIN (to keep blood sugar balanced)

1. swiss cheese and celery (swiss cheese is lactose free, so those who can eat dairy may still be able to eat swiss cheese, or small amounts of swiss cheese)
3. Rye crackers with tahini
4. ½ an avocado
5. leftover brown rice with finely chopped spinach and green onions
6. left over homemade soup with lots of veggies
7. bean salad: a mixture of black beans, red beans, chick peas, onion, green beans, grated carrot and celery and dressing (like #2)
8. wraps: whole wheat with flax wrap with refried beans, onion, swiss cheese, salsa
9. pita bread with falafel, tahini, sprouts
10. celery and almond butter
12. baked yam and salad
13. egg salad on bread, rye crackers or in a pita with chopped spinach
14. hummus spread with veggies and rye crackers (you can find a hummus recipe online)
15. yogurt and hemp hearts
16. Greens+: vitamins, minerals, gently detoxifying, alkalizing, contains probiotics, balances bloods sugar, helps increase energy levels & memory. Fiber source




Any information presented here is for informational purposes only and not intended to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a medical practitioner.

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