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Since I seem to find myself going over this in other classes, such as the herb class, I thought I'd include an article on my website so that its all in one place.

I am not trying to write an article encompassing all my ideas on how to eat, just some random thoughts that may be helpful.


First I think everyone, especially women, should take a supplement containing cofactors that help the absorption of calcium daily

There is information out there now that states that we don't need to take calcium, which I did not believe at first.

However, I have come around to realizing that's the way to go. I no longer take a calcium supplement, and haven't done for a year or so (since 2011)..

Please give up milk completely, if you still feel an attachment to yogurt & cheese that's fine, but don't think you are doing your body any favors by drinking milk. If you have 'restless legs', muscle cramps, etc. you need more of the cofactors that help your body assimilate calcium.

If you need more info on why no to drink milk, research it online.

"Milk, it now seems clear, is not the solution to poor bone density. To the contrary, it's part of the problem."

Switch to coconut milk, almond milk or rice milk. NOT soy milk. You can research why soy is bad for you online.

Also some plant based calcium is a help, if you are taking my herb course you know where to get high quality herbs. Use marshmallow, nettles, a bit of comfrey leaf if you want, oatstraw, marshmallow, raspberry leaf. Lots of plants are high in calcium & make a delicious infusion. This is does not replace a supplement!


Use the cofactors that let your body utilize calcium

I am using magnesium citrate -- at bedtime, it is very relaxing. I have a powdered supplement, I use 850 mg. which is a lot.

You can use silica as a supplement, or a tiny pinch of horsetail, harvested correctly.

Vitamin D -- 4,000 - 7,000 IU's


Vitamin K

Omega 3's : I don't use flax oil, I feel flax oils are all rancid, if you use flax grind & use it immediately or it is rancid, I use hemp oil


I cover all of this in my herbal course, and for those with herbal training already, I have a Pain Relief workshop on my forum that discusses all kind of herbs, supplements & formulas for healthy bones, joints, & muscles.



Remember, if you want to feel healthy, you need to eat whole foods! If this seems difficult or you crave foods you know are not so good for you, just begin adding some whole foods you do like. Go to the store & look around & buy the things you like that are whole. A whole food does not come in a box. Look a the vegetables, fruits, and raw nuts & seeds that you enjoy eating. Begin to add these to your regular diet. Once you begin to wake your body up to good nutrition other foods will not seem so appealing, it can be a long road, but isn't feeling healthy, having lots of energy, and having health problems clear up worth it?




Jingle Bells Shake for December

Eat a whole food live breakfast. Learn to make yourself a shake that you can put in a drink bottle & sip at until lunch time. This gives your body balanced energy & lots of nutrients for starting your day. Some ideas:

If you have a juicer, juice up all kinds of fruits & greens & pour that in the blender.

If not, add some whole fruits in season: berries, melon, banana. apples.

Yogurt if you eat yogurt. If not, banana or avocado make it creamy. Or some coconut milk (high in fat, I use it because I eat raw food & need to eat some fat).

Add some greens, go easy on this at first, a bit of parsley, a bit of the organic salad greens that come in the clear plastic box, a bit of leaf lettuce.

You can add your supplements to this shake! That way you are not trying to remember to take all kinds of pills, your multi can go right in there, your cal/mag supplment, acidophilus, hemp oil, green supplement such as Greens Plus, any herbal formulas you are using. Experiment, I don't think any of it makes the shake taste nasty, but I've been doing this for years.

Just make up a big blenderful and sip at it for hours. It keeps your blood sugar balanced & you get a nice steading intake of your daily vitamins. A much better way to start your day than protein foods, fatty foods, sugary foods or caffeine.

For more idea's see my facebook posts on the home page of my website.




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