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This will probably turn into a very long page at some point. Just to make a start on this, my daughter has been eating raw food since Feb. 2009. I followed along in her footsteps in Sept. 2009. I received some very powerful reiki attunements, which raises your vibrational level, and this time it seemed that I needed to raise my vibrational level with what I was eating as well.

I have always eaten a fairy good diet, was mostly vegetarian for 20 years. This time I realized my body was demanding more. I realized that I could pretty much only eat raw foods, anything else made me feel sick.

With so much information on raw food out there, and so many books containing wonderful recipes it is pretty easy to eat raw and still be eating great good, even gourmet food.

My purpose in providing a few pages on raw food is just to inspire others to educate themselves on raw food eating.

Start slowly, read lots of books on the subject, look on the internet & youtube to find lots of info on raw food eating. Especially depending on your current level of health you may want to start slow & just add raw foods to what you eat now. Your body will slowly wake up & you will become more aware the natural wisdom we all have to eat what we need, no longer crave foods that are unhealthy to us.


A word about the health of your teeth. It is so important to read some book by knowledgable writers such as David Wolfe, so you understand the detoxification process your body undergoes when switching to raw food. I see many comments out there about those who've switched to raw food & have tooth & gum problems. Please buy & read David's Wolfe's Sunfood Success book, read his chapter on teeth. Basically you need to be eating a ton of leafy greens, both juiced & whole. You need to concentrate on your intake of minerals: whole food mineral supplements such as spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass. I make huge containers of a powdered whole food vitamin & mineral supplement. Stick with your supplements as long as you need them, take a good calcium magnesium supplement, take other minerals as well. Use high quality salt, such as himalayan salts, and sole (a liquid mineral supplement).

If your body goes through too much of a cleansing & you experience health problems, cut back a bit by eating some steamed food. There's lots of herbs that can help with this. (Take my herb course).

I prefer eating quite simply, drinking raw veggies & fruit juices all day & maybe a blender drink. A big salad for dinner, or spiralized vegetable with other things on top, and quite often we have rice wraps stuffed with assorted sliced vegetables & a spicy sauce.

When I serve raw food to friends they are pleasantly suprised. One friend who HATES zucchini looked at the wide array of raw veggies on the table for making wraps. I was explaining how to assemble your own wrap for dinner. I pointed at the spiralized zucchini marinated in a bit of tamari & said "you know that that is?" He said "noodles". I said "sure". After he ate his wrap I mentioned it was zucchini & he was amazed. No more hatred there! At least not when the zucchini is spiralized! I am pretty sure he was not just being polite either, he'd let me know if he hated it.

Something came up in my herbalist class that I would like to share. We were talking about Superfoods. I was researching several of them & realized that they came from far away countries, which got me to thinking that there are lots of local superfoods. Here's my list so far, wonderful foods that can be added to our diets that are full of nutrients:

  1. Blueberries: antioxidant, supports brain function, eye health
  2. Cranberries: these grow on a farm locally, we buy a few kg. every year to add to smoothies, they are antibacterial (many of us have used them or urinary tract infections), they can altar antibiotic-resistant strains of E. coli, they are anti inflammatory: great for those with arthritic pain or colitis
  3. Hemp: hemp oil and hemp hearts are grown in Canada, they contain easily digested proteins, essential fats (Omega 3 & 6), amino acids, fiber, iron, vitamins, calcium and enzymes. Best essential fatty acid for long term use, flax is ok to correct an imbalance of EFA's, hemp is best for long term use. (or one of the balanced 3-6-9 blends.
  4. Greens: nettles, dandelion leaf, kale, chard: calcium, iron, potassium. In the herb class I teach how to use lots of spring infusions using local greens, and juicing wild greens too.
  5. Rosehips: vitamin C & bioflavinoids
  6. Raw honey: antibacterial, vitamins, minerals, enzymes. Don't use much sweeteners though.
  7. Garlic: immune system, parasites, heart & circulatory health, candida
  8. Nuts & Seeds: pumpkin, walnut, sunflower, flax: proteins, fats, minerals
  9. Seaweeds: bind & helps us excrete toxins, thyroid health, minerals

Other superfoods I use:

  1. spirulina
  2. chlorella
  3. camu
  4. cacao
  5. nutritional yeast
  6. msm
  7. sole made with Himalayan salts
  8. Dr. Schulze's bowel formulas, his superfood & super tonic (I make my own of all of these)
  9. lots of different herbs as teas, tinctures & powders, juiced & eaten fresh.
  10. dulse & kelp powders

I do go into nutrition a fair bit during my herbalist course that I teach. Its not just about herbs, its about a wholistic approach to getting well, which involves nutrition as well.



Some of the many great raw books out there: Rawsome! by Brigitte Mars

The Sunfood Diet Sucess System by David Wolfe. This books will inspire you, give you information on switching to raw food, give you an understanding of how to balance your diet, and give information on manifesting what you want to bring into your life.

Books by Natalia Rose. If you pay $$ to join her community she's got some great articles & videos. Her info on Emotional Eating, why we eat foods that make us ill, why we crave unhealthy foods, is great!

Gabriel Cousens books.

If you are diabetic check this out:




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