Reiki Class Dates



I am accepting students on an ongoing basis, and book classes by appointment as well as dates I set ahead of time. I do teach weekdays if that works better for you. Other classes are held for my existing students.

email me in case I am offering other classes & haven't updated this page

I hold an apprenticeship each year for those who wish to work closely with me over several months. Next one begins September 2016 . More info below.


I teach Reiki as 3 levels, then master/teacher level as level 4. For more information on each level see the individual pages on each one.

Once again, as the energies & our own energetic evolution & restructuring happens at such an ever increasing pace I have changed the way I teach. Teaching reiki should be a flow, that always changes. Much of what I teach is verbal, since it all changes so quickly, and manuals are now an optional purchase available as a download. The manuals give the core teaching that mostly remains the same. Attending classes on a regular basis, if that appeals to you, will keep you updated with the newest energies and much more information & skills.

I am teaching my levels of reiki still with Usui as a base, but moving on to combine 2 others types of reiki, plus using Seichim style attunements & sessions. None of this means anything if you don't know a lot about reiki. It means I have taken the best of 3 types of reiki and combined them to give the balance, empowerment, grounding, centering & flow we require in energy bodies. And I give this with sessions that to me, are far beyond traditional sessions because they balance your chakras and reknit your entire energy field so you feel aligned with yourself & with the higher energies.





The next LEVEL 1 REIKI workshops I’m offering are on these dates below. Class is one day long. These are my next 3, but other times & dates can be booked by appointment.


Friday October 21
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Level 1 reiki workshop
Monday October 24
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Level 1 Reiki workshop
Saturday October 29
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You will learn all about reiki, get attuned to reiki (that’s the process where your energy field is opened so the flow of reiki can move out of your hands), learn about symbols and some skills to open reiki further yourself in the weeks to come, and receive a reiki session.
If you’d like to join in, the cost is $200.

Please email me

If you’d like to learn reiki but want a 1 on 1 class, or do not want to learn to work on others we can book another date. Usually I just teach self healing with level 1, so you can begin clearing & healing on yourself, and then when you are ready we for level 2 I teach how to work on others, as well as emotional healing.


(to book a different date, email me)



Level 1 is about self healing, learning to ground yourself & feel more protected energetically

I will hold space for the deeper work of clearing & healing so that your lightbody has SPACE in it to hold more light. So that you feel lighter, on the road to feeling more healing, protected, centered & grounded. You take home the tools to begin to work with healing yourself, and stepping out of dramas & stories. Discussion of the 2 videos you will watch prior to the taking the class. . Take notes & learn by doing.

Open your energy field to healing, draw in the reiki energy, grounding the energy, energy field protection, releasing dense & tangled energies.

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I am always booking level 2 classes. Usually when my levels 1's are ready to move on. If you would like to book a date for this email me



Level 2 moves deeper into emotional healing & instruction on how to work on others if you choose to do that.

Continuing the work of healing yourself, you will step into the space of accepting self empowerment and heart spaced frequency. Learn to heal by distance: your past, your past lives. Emotional healing, letting go of repetitive behaviors & dramas you continually find yourself in, bringing higher frequency energy down into your light body, healing relationships with others. Take notes & learn by doing.



I book a level 3 class when my students are ready for this level. Email me

LEVEL 3 REIKI: Distance Healing


Learn to channel reiki by distance to anywhere on the earth.
By distance to heal your past.
By distance to heal your past lives.



This is for students who want to work much deeper with the reiki energies, do weekly work, move much farther beyond than just the levels of reiki (levels 1,2,3). We work with the constantly increasing new energies, meditations, different types of sessions, new symbols, new guides, and the new chakra system. I accept a limited number of students for this each year. We get together most weeks.

click here for full details on this appenticeship

PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR OTHER UPCOMING CLASS DATES: In your REGISTRATION EMAIL please let me know your reasons for want to learn energy work & your goals: work on yourself, work on others, move towards the shamanic/ascension practice of Light Journey's, learn to teach, healing yourself, moving past issues. Please also let me know if you feel you've done a lot of personal work & you are ready to just move ahead into the spiritual shamanic/ascension work......








Most of my students are called to reiki without even really knowing what it is. This reflects "codes" hidden inside our lightbodies that are waking up, so we can heal ourselves and in that process hold space for healing on a larger scale on the planet. I teach a blend of Usui mixed with several other types of reiki as a base. Once you have done the personal healing of the first 2 levels you are welcome to apply to join in my ongoing Light Journey's 8 lesson course that blends meditation, new ways of doing reiki sessions & attunements, shamanism. It will open up your intuitive and healing abilities immensely.


There is NO more heavy clearing of issues, wading through traumas, dramas & stories. The first 2 levels are designed to give you tools to clear, I will hold space for this, but YOU are doing the work, only YOU can empower yourself to move on! I will hold space & teach tools for doing this. Only those who do their work will be accepted into the Light Journey's course, this is advanced work for those who have done their clearing and are ready to move ahead into the new energies, intuitive abilities, heart centered space, and journeying.

If you are ready to step onto the path of your true spiritual journey as a lightworker then you are probably ready to join in these classes







My focus for 2015 is doing LOTS of reiki classes. I think with the way our lightbodies are changing and changing so quickly many of us are called to learn reiki and other types of energy work. The levels of reiki that are teach are a foundation for increasing the amount of energy your lightbody can hold and flow, for grounding & centering, & feeling more protected, for quick self healing and moving forward into the new energies and the new paradigm.

par·a·digm shift noun

a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

My guides have led me to change my ongoing Light Journey's Course over & over to reflect the fast changes our energy bodies are making at this time. Reiki level 1 is booked by appointment, although I do list dates I offer it any time because I teach it to one student at time, this is the level where you open to the reiki flow, learn to ground and center and do some self healing. Healing is now more of just holding space around who we are & what we've been through, we are no longer being victims of our past behaviors or events but accepting it as part of a process to who we are now. We don't dwell on these things, we accept them and step into the empowerment of the new energies. We step beyond perceiving our lives from the 3d perspective and move more and more into embodying 5d perspective



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I offer other reiki related classes on a regular basis to my students.

Sit in a room full of crystals, crystal grids, candles & sound bowls. A copper pyramid amplifies & channels the energy. I have started collecting larger crystals which make wonderful crystal grids to hold and charge energy.


2012 & REIKI, aligning with the energies of 2014 & beyond...

My reiki classes have evolved & changed! And my students are feeling way more grounded & "protected" energetically.

More towards the bottom of the page on this.

I TEACH REIKI AT MY HOME (south Nanaimo)


Learning reiki is all about personal growth,

releasing what no longer serves you,

healing yourself & others on a physical, emotional & spiritual level.



REIKI is pronounced RAY-key

• Rei is a Japanese word meaning “universal”, to the energy that flows around everything: people, plants, animals, the earth, the planets, etc.

• Ki is a Japanese word meaning “vital life force energy” which interconnects us all, the word Chi may be more familiar to you, it is the Chinese word for the energy which underlies everything

• When you are attuned to reiki your crown chakra becomes open to channeling the universal source of energy in through your crown chakra & out of your hands for healing purposes

• Attunement to reiki both connects you to the universal source of energy & realigns your personal energy system or ki, to be more in connection with this energy flow.

• Reiki is a system for channeling energy for the purpose of healing. The energy flows from the universal source through you & out of your hands. Reiki can be used to send healing to another person, on yourself, or your pets.

• Anyone can be attuned to reiki, anyone can have this energy flow through them. It can be used for personal healing & personal growth or to channel on other for healing.

• One huge benefit reiki brings is personal healing & clearing.


How I teach reiki 2013 & beyond

My way of teaching reiki has evolved over many many classes, and many many versions of the manuals I give out. My reiki classes are different than others because the first 3 levels combine 3 different types of reiki which gives my students GROUNDING!

Grounding is so important, it gives us energetic balance. Usui reiki (the kind most people teach) is great, but leaves a person very much in their upper chakras which means you feel imbalanced, your energy field may feel unprotected as well. And I noticed my students did a lot of what we call “clearing” with each reiki attunement given, with level 2 being particularly brutal (usually). Clearing should refer to healing, not to a huge emotional and physical upheaval, but I did find that Usui reiki alone often put people in a space of upheaval for a time, before they felt more cleared.

I thought about this a lot over the years, and thought we really don’t need to be doing our personal healing this way!

In the last couple years I decided to combine 3 of the 5 systems of reiki that I work with and give my students more energetic balance in their first 3 levels of reiki. Note: you can take the first 3 levels and then move on to your master level when ready,. The base for my classes is Usui reiki with several other well known types of reiki combined in with it.

So with my new system I am teaching 4 symbols with each level. Which of course means nothing to you if you don’t know much about reiki.

Symbols are traditionally taught to students with level 2. Symbols are actual symbols you draw in the air usually that connect you with a specific vibration or energy or frequency. Think of drawing a heart in the air for example, and feel what kind of energy this gives.

I found level 2 to be so hard to get through emotionally in the weeks following a student’s attunement to reiki that I decided to spread this out in more manageable increments over 3 levels. Spreading this out combined by teaching symbols brings about well grounded healing.

At the same time I am teaching way more to my level 1 students, by teaching them 4 symbols to use with each level. Traditionally no symbols are taught in level 3, 3 are taught with level 2 and then a few more with master level.

I think we have all evolved in the process of changes brought about in December 2012, and before that time. So I thought it was time to evolve my teaching practices. You will actually be working with 12 symbols by the time you get level 3, and will learn a few more with your master level. This gives you access to many more healing vibrations used to heal yourself & others if you choose to do that.

So by learning these 4 symbols in level 1 reiki, you can use them to

 Open your hand chakras to channel the reiki energy more strongly

 Open your foot chakras to balance yourself, to bring in earth energy

 Bring the reiki energies through you in a more focused way

 Open your energy field to healing

 Balance your chakras

 Learn to ‘protect’ and heal your energy field so you are not taking on energy from others

 You do a lot of personal healing


ENERGIES FOR 2015 are accelerated so much. The energies are changing weekly. My forum has altered to accomodate this, we are needing to discuss our insights on a daily rather than monthly basis. Most of my students are called to reiki without even really knowing what it is. This reflect "codes" hidden inside our lightbodies that are waking up, so we can heal ourselves and in that process hold space for healing on a larger scale on the planet.



Articles on reiki.

I teach 5 different types of reiki. Seichim Reiki click here.



Learning reiki is all about personal growth,

releasing what no longer serves you,

healing yourself & others on a physical, emotional & spiritual level.



the new reiki for 2012

I am totally rewriting my reiki manuals. Last time I did this was in early 2010, because I felt the energies had changed enough that my manuals & classes needed to reflect this.

Having worked daily with my students over skype since June 2012, so at the time of this writing, its been 5 months of daily skype work, we have all noticed just how much the energies have changed in 2012.

My new students are no longer doing difficult 'clearing', they no longer going through a harsh 21 day reiki cleanse, which used to involve moving through old emotions & behaviors & issues before clearing these & feeling the higher vibrations. We have moved beyond being 'mired' on old emotions & behaviors & just move ahead as reiki clears the path.

Many of us have also noticed that the traditional symbols no longer hold the energies they once did. It makes sense that as people evolve vibrationally that the reiki energy & reiki symbols would evolve at the same time.

During my daily 10 minute skype group sessions I have introduced other symbols that seem more relevant to the new vibrational energies. My students are opening up to these on a stronger level & getting way more benefits from this.

We have also decided that sessions shared between reiki practitioners are a thing of the past. While there are benefits to giving your clients sessions, the practice of monthly session shares among reiki students is a thing of the past. I feel that these sessions, essentially held us mired in our issues. (I do feel that clients benefit from sessions). Working daily or weekly over skype to receive reiki healing has brought us light years ahead of what we were trying to accomplish by doing reiki session shares.

So, once again I am ripping up my reiki manuals, so to speak!, and and redoing the way I teach. I am rolling together ALL 4 types of reiki into one 5 level system in which you will be attuned to, and learn aspects of the highest vibration symbols from 5 types of reiki energies, also working through the chakras & finally arriving at the master level.

Traditional Usui reiki gave level 1, then level 2 was HUGE leap in vibration, often causing confusion in trying to learn 3 symbols & how to incorporate them, and TOO MUCH clearing, too many 'issues' coming up. Then there was nothing else to really learn until the master level.

Starting in January 2013, I am offering 5 levels, which takes a student to a higher state of vibration, without the brutal clearing process. It offers more levels of learning by incorporating 4 different types of reiki, and with 5 levels there's easier increments to work through, which will give more balance, offer way more to learn about.
















Open to the reiki flow, begin to heal yourself


first day



Cleanse & let go of old
Habits, behaviors & emotions


second day



Heal by distance, learn to heal others






Healing the soul, clarity on life’s path, teaching & attuning others




Reiki Level 1: Activation

Reiki level 1 activates the reiki flow within your physical body & your energy field. Each level of reiki, and each attunement will open this flow to a higher degree & raise your vibrational level.

With reiki level 1 you can work on yourself. Although it is ok to work on an informal basis on others such as family or pets, please wait until you have completed level 2 before you work on anyone who would be considered a client.

Another great use of your new reiki flow is to channel it on trees, plants, and the earth.


Everything has an energetic field: plants, animals, people, trees, planets, the moon….. everything. Reiki allows you to access this energy & channel it for healing purposes.


Use your reiki daily

Make it part of your life

Work on letting go of what no longer serves you

And in doing so you let in more of the reiki energy

Attunements, reiki sessions, chakra classes & sessions will all contribute to bringing profound change & healing to your life


What is an attunement?

To learn to practice and share  Reiki  with others and on yourself,  you must receive  attunement from a Reiki Teacher. 

An attunement is the process by which a Reiki Master passes on the ability to channel the Reiki energy.  This involves a process of clearing  any blocks in your energy fields & chakras,  and connects you to the ability to channel Reiki.

Each level of reiki requires a set of attunements. 

Level 1 attunements will raise your vibrational level to the point of being able to heal yourself  & others mostly a physical level.

With level 2, the attunement raises your vibrational level significantly, and at that level you are able to heal on a physical & emotional level.

And with level 3 you can also access the outermost layers of the energy field to heal on a spiritual level as well.

Others that you work on will most likely notice the increased level of energy you channel with each level of reiki that you are attuned to.


Healing energy can be channeled by any one.  One way this ability can be acquired is by energetic transmission from one person to another, this is called an attunement, and is the way that the ability to transmit  Reiki is acquired.   Attunements remove blocks in the aura and allow the healing energies that surround us to come in through our crown chakra and flow through our bodies and out our hands to where they are needed.  This is not the only path for the Reiki healing energies but only the most common or most easily sensed. 

An attunement is a transformation to your energy field which opens, clears and connects you to the ability to use the particular  frequencies of  universal energy used in Reiki. 
 This attunement should be considered  permanent, although if you don’t practice reiki on yourself (or others) regularly, the amount of energy you channel will most likely decrease. (And the more you practice on yourself and/or others the more the energy will increase)
 Many students can feel the attunement as it is done,  as heat or waves of energy flowing into their body or they may see light or even images or hear music.  Others do not have any such experience at all  other than perhaps feeling both more  relaxed and energized than usual.  Those who regularly feel subtle energies are usually able to feel some of the energy coming in. Or you may notice nothing for several days.
All you have to do is to want  to receive and accept the attunement from the Reiki Master.  It helps to be in a meditative and  receptive state at the time the attunements are done.
The attunements I give over the 3 days of level 1 build upon each other, each one will open your energy field & chakras slightly more than the last.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of energy healing that was discovered,  and developed in  Japan.

There are many systems of energy healing,  hands on and remote healing. Such as therapeutic touch, healing touch, & pranic healing. Reiki differs from these energy systems in that:

  • The practitioner channels the energy, they do not build & transmit the energy, meaning the healer does not use his/her own energy to heal.
  • When practicing reiki the practitioner does not pick up or take on a client’s negativity (nor can the client take on from the practitioner)


  • Reiki does not really have to be “learned” the ability to channel the energy is passed to your through an attunement by a reiki master
  • With reiki hands are generally kept on the person, not above the person in their energy field

Reiki is not religious. Being attuned to Reiki does not entail any conversion or adoption  of spiritual beliefs or practices from any religion or particular set of beliefs.  Reiki and other energy healing modes will harmonize with most spiritual belief systems that allow for the existence of energy work. This site gives information on explaining reiki to Christians.

For any friends, family or others who you have any doubts about discussing reiki with, it is probably best to leave explanations until you complete level 2 & have more information. For now it may be best to explain that it is a Japanese form of stress relief that simply involved you placing your hands on another person.

Understanding subtle forms of energy:

Today, we have grown to accept concepts with only theoretical explanation. We take for granted thing that would have been considered magic just a century ago. You cannot see or feel the lines of energy that carry communication to a phone, radio or TV, but you know they work.

We have barely begun to explore, let alone harness or manipulate vibrational energy.

There are many books on energy:
Books by Masaru Emoto, helps you to understand the effects of our emotions on the world around use.

The Divine Matrix by Gregg Branden
The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

The Secret (book & movie)

The Law of Attraction


Youtube has some great stuff:

The Living Matrix

Bruce Lipton: Spontaneous Evolution

Dr. Joe Dispenza

What all of these have in common is that:

we can tap into the energy around us (and reiki opens us up to this in a big way), and begin to make positive changes in our lives & manifest what we desire, while letting go of what no longer serves us.


Understanding the need to be around positive energy more

Energies around us affect us all. Imagine what would happen if you watched violent TV shows & news & dwelled on negative thoughts for 2 weeks.

Now  imagine what would happened if you meditated, listened to comforting music, read inspirational books & thought positive thoughts for 2 weeks.  Your life would change!

If you are ready to begin healing yourself, it is time to take responsibility for what you let into your life. This includes people who you interact with, books you read, media you expose yourself to, and your thoughts….. this all affects your energy field, it affects your emotional, & your health.

How you change your life, and what you put out there in the form of thoughts & energy affects the earth as a whole.

Humankind & the earth is out of balance. Many are called to reiki because many are needed to help rebalance these energies, on a personal level, for others & for the earth. By healing yourself you help to heal the earth.

In order to heal others you have to work on healing yourself. And it is a very good idea to have others work on you to bring deeper healing. Receiving distance attunements via Skype can accomplish this as well.

Reiki will help you to raise your level of awareness to the meaning & messages being processed by your subconscious.

In sharing reiki with others, remember that:

As more people teach & use reiki, it is like a flame being passed from person to person, lighting a light within each person it touches.

And like lighting a candle, the flame is not diminished by lighting more candles, instead there is more light……




For more on working your way through the levels of reiki click here.

I have once again given my manuals & class structure an overhaul. I felt changes were needed for 2012 since our vibrational levels & the energies have changed so much in the past months.

I am now giving my reiki level 1 & 2 classes as one on one classes in which you will get private instruction on what reiki is, and what it will do for you. I go over the main points of what is in the 50 page manual so we can discuss this. And we will discuss ways to incorporate this into your daily life.

This year I have felt the need to give longer attunements which will be done as an attunement/session on the reiki table and takes about 40 minutes. This will attune you to the reiki energies, begin to open your energy field to the reiki flow, begin to release dense & tangled energy & reknit your energy field to begin to bring balance & healing.


For those who want to learn more in between their reiki levels, I offer chakra balancing & healing course.


In addition to the above reiki levels I offer 3 other types of reiki. I can give you more information about these in person. They are different from Usui reiki and involve more symbols which seem more finely tuned that the Usui symbols.

To heal on a deeper level, any of my reiki students can take a chakra course, so that your can do your clearing chakra by chakra over a period of time. These are offered as private one on one attunement sessions with chakra journal work to take home.

I find that working through my chakra course gives focus on each individual chakra one at a time & this allows healing at a deeper level because you are healing & clearing your issues on 7 levels.

Reiki level 1 helps doing some basic clearing, and additional level 1 attunements will do further clearing, level 2 does even deeper clearing. I have found that my students who work through my chakra course seem to have a real sense of when they are ready for level 2 & have a really good sense of where their core issues lie & have good direction for healing them.

As you clear & heal you have more room for the higher vibrational energy which allows you to be a clearer channel for the reiki energy.

Here is a brief outline of what is covered with each chakra class. I also use crystals, tuning forks & attunement/sessions for healing each chakra. The written work is sent home with you to work on in your journal

ROOT Self preservation Childhood & early family life


Self gratification

Relationships beyond family, money, food


Self definition

Personal power, self worth, self esteem


Self acceptance

Compassion, ability to love & commit


Self expression

Communication skills,
listening, speaking up


Self reflection

Intuition & receiving
guidance from spirit


Self knowledge

Connection with your life’s purpose


Self unification

Balanced energy field




My reiki room is filled with crystals, salt lamps, plants, rocks, & artwork. Spend your day learning about reiki, giving & receiving sessions, receiving attunements. You will be surrounded by a supportive atmosphere, healing music & other like minded students. I keep my reiki room energetically cleansed with sage, salt lamps & reiki energy.

I make sure my students have lots of information in their manuals, and it is as up to date as possible. I offer a lot of support to my students as well.

As a student you will learn about healthy ways to release what no longer serves you & manifesting what you want to now let into your life. You do this by having attunements which raises your vibrational level, giving & receiving reiki sessions for healing, using reiki on yourself daily, and using tools learned in class to move forward by manifesting the highest vision of your life.

I need for you to accept 100% responsibility for everything in your life. You are the sole creator of your past, present & future.

Channelling reiki energy & receiving attunements will empower you to heal,

and to design & create realities aligned with your highest visions.

It will help you to clear old behaviours, old emotions, old issues. In learning reiki you are asking to be empowered to learn ways to heal & move on. 

Because you have chosen to learn reiki you have chosen to be empowered to heal yourself through:

      1. raising your vibrational level,
      2. by having others work on you (I offer this as a 10 min.daily skype group)
      3. by using reiki on yourself daily
      4. & using other tools which will be presented during classes.

Going over & over your personal issues, anger, negativity, sadness, only keeps giving life to them & holds them in your energy field.

I need for all my students to be ready to move forward in their lives & to now manifest the highest vision of their reality & bring healing & wellness into their lives.

I will begin each class with an exercise for releasing any negativity that you are holding in. This is done as a writing exercise & you are not asked to share anything written.

Releasing can be done in a positive & happy way! Healing sessions you receive during classes can be positive & uplifting as you release negative beliefs, old habits & emotions that no longer serve you.

I focus my classes on ways to move ahead with your life in a positive way as you use reiki to heal yourself.




For anyone who wants to learn all the types of reiki I teach, is committed to personal growth & energy healing. You can use this 2 year program to work closely with me to become a reiki master/teacher in 4 types of reiki, to teach others &/or start up a reiki practice, or for becoming a reiki master for your own personal growth (to work on yourself).

We will meet once a month during this time. You will learn all levels of Usui reiki, Seichim, & 2 OTHER TYPES OF REIKI.
Price will vary depending on what levels you already have & what level we will be studying. Email me about this.




From my reiki students:

After the day of my attunement for level 1 I woke up twice, once to my whole body feeling as though it was swirling and whirling with tingling sparkly white energy, generating around my feet and legs. The second time I woke up I kept blinking my eyes because all I could see was a bright yellow mist swirling around my third eye. At first I tried to swat it away like a fly and then I felt as though it giggled at me. Then I realized, "oh, this must be reiki opening up and working with the energy fields of my chakras" and then was satisfied to fall asleep again. Since then I've felt a lot of heat, tingling and more consciousness of power and healing in my hands. It's a very nice feeling.

Level 1 student


I wanted to give you an update on [my dog] Buddy, I know you have been sending us distance Reiki and I want to thank you. Physically he is not much better but he certainly is more alert and peaceful. He doesn't seem in much pain and loves me to get him outside for fresh air, he lays on his mat and rests. He is getting lots of visits and inquiries from so many people. He is accepting some hands on Reiki, actually I have noticed my hands tingling so much lately. I am reading a great book on Reiki for animals and it is truly inspiring me. I'm not sure if Buddy is close to transitioning but we are both so much at peace with it that it will not be so very traumatic. Thank you again for all you have shown me, I feel something so wonderful is happening to me through Reiki.

Level 1 Student

(note: this was a couple of years ago, and Buddy has recovered fully, & gets reiki regularly)



Hi Lin, I believe that my journey with the benefits of Reiki has just begun.
I find that my intuition has heightened immensely. Reiki is self-
empowering with the knowledge that at any time I can give myself
balancing and bring my vibrations into alignment and focus. Thank
you for your integrity in the teaching you are offering.

Level 1 Reiki


"Since taking level 1 Reiki with Lin I have been working on myself & my
feline friends. I am able to quite strongly feel the energy I'm projecting.

I wish you the very best for the new year. I can not thank you enough for sharing reiki with me. It has truely re-lit my inner light, kicked my ass, changed my life, and brought me back to my path! We have all grown so much in such a short time, I can only imagine where we will go in this new year.....



"Lin, I tried using my reiki for some distance healing recently & wanted to
share this
with you. My good buddie has been prescribed experimental drugs that he has
to use or he'd probably be dead by now, he's
been on them for around seven months. They make him very sick ie: nausea,
extreme body pains, migraine like head aches, to name a few. I finally asked
if he would be OK if I did a distant healing
session on him. He said yes please do anything that I thought might help.
So last Sunday after my meditation I did a full Reiki distance
healing on him.
When I got feedback from him a few days later, he said
whatever I did, to please keep on doing it because he felt better
then he had in months. I was thrilled and surprised. I will
continue to send him energy after my morning meditations. I needed to share
this with you, not just because this helped him, which I am hugely
grateful for, but because I feel the attunements you've given me (during classes
& reiki
shares) have sort
of reactivated all my previous training as well as the Reiki you've taught
me. I want to tell you, you are a highly
gifted and rather cool individual and I just want to say thanks Lin!"


I have to say i feel quite different after the Reiki class. For the past year or so I have had a difficult time feeling certain emotions - like a certain part of me had been cut off. On Sunday evening, after the class, I felt very emotional (but not in a bad way). Even now, i feel like a certain part of me has been re-awakened, and now i can be more receptive to things. i read over the manual and it said that the emotional clearing stuff usually happens in the second week, so i dont know why it happened right away for me, but it certainly feels like a huge emotional blockage has been removed and i feel like myself again. So thank-you!

Reiki Level 1 student


"You have taught me a lot about myself and helped me to disover another realm I
probably would not of had the courage to uncover on my own. I will treasure all
the experiences I had, good and "


Feb 2012:

I want to thank you for attuning me to the power of Reiki and starting me on my journey, wish I had done it years before!  My dog Buddy also passes on his blessings to you, he is in good health, just a little older as we all are.  Lin, good luck with your journey and I know we will always be connected!!!  Namaste 


I am so grateful to have met you when I did and you have been instrumental in encouraging me to return to discovering my niche in the world of energy work. You reignited a passion that I have long ignored and although I'm not sure which path I will follow I am meditating on it once again and know that within time I will be shown my path. You have helped me to foster a strengh that I had forgotten



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