Reiki for Physical & Emotional Healing

Clarity, Guidance & Manifesting


It is amazing to be able to channel reiki energy on yourself or another & experience healing. On a physical level I often experience healing of recent physical problems while teaching a class. A sore back, a small skin problem, feeling like a cold is coming on.... all of these usually just clear up if I give a reiki session or teach a class. Attunements are powerful healing in themselves.

Long term physical problems sometimes heal spontaneously, or sometimes require many treatments. We begin to heal on a physical & emotional level when we do reiki on ourselves, but also when we channel reiki energy to another. One of my students had varicose veins in both legs & was scheduled for surgery on them. Repeated reiki sessions has cleared them up completely. And I know regular use of reiki helps prevent illness before it happens. Working further out in the energy field can clear issues before they becomes settled on a physical level.

Reiki can help with much more than just physical healing.

Reiki helps to heal on an emotional & mental level as well.

On of my students recently wrote that she's recently been reflecting on the past year of reiki classes & shares. She mainly used reiki at first to heal her dog who was having quite a crisis at the time, and couldn't walk. With many short reiki sessions, he is now walking most of the time & much happier. She says that her whole thought process has turned around so much this year, she is discovering spirituality, learning about herself, and developing compassion.

As we begin to heal on an emotional level, we release dense & tangled energies from our energy fields, and become more open to higher vibrations, and to being able to channel more energy.

You will often really begin to notice this type of clearing after you get Level 2 reiki. You can begin clearing more issues from your past, from past lives, and even issues we retain from our ancestral lineage.

You learn ways to clear on these levels with a level 2 class. You just need to keep reiki in your thoughts and remember to use it.

Ask the energy to help give you clarity on your life's path. Ask for guidance with finding a different job, or where you want to move to, help in clearing relationships. Ask reiki to help you clear patterns of behavior or negative thought patterns that no longer serve you.

Reiki can do all this. You just need to remember to ask or set your intention, while channeling the energy & gentle shifts will begin to happen.

One of my students wrote to me that Reiki can help you foster a strong mind-body connection and this can help you become more loving and accepting towards yourself and help you forge a positive relationship to your body which contributes to overall health and well-being. She went on to say that incorporating Reiki into your everyday life allows you to focus on being in the present moment and is a very helpful tool for people that suffer from panic and anxiety, insomnia and just general everyday stresses. Doing Reiki (particularly distance reiki) has given her the sense that she is more active and involved in her life (as opposed to just going through life passively, having things happen to that are out of her control) - and this has allowed her to really relax and enjoy life more and let go of the anxiety and constant worry that had been a continual theme in her life before she started doing reiki.

She also wrote that reiki is a great tool for gaining clarity as to one's path in life, and helps release energy blockages that can affect how you experience reality and life in general. This clearing allows you to become a clearer channel for information/inspiration from your higher self or spirit guides, and also doing reiki can really assist someone in bringing goals to fruition, because it really allows you to focus energy on specific ideas/goals so that you can carry them out.
I teach my students to use a healing book, to write their intentions, things they'd like to manifest in their life, healing for others, and things we'd like to release or heal in ourselves. We place the symbols around them & set this book up to send healing constantly. Its amazing to back & look through what you've written & see what you've manifested. It helps to have our goals written down so that you can go back & see when & how they've become reality & can express gratitude for this.

I remind my students that much of the distance healing work we do is invisible. We send healing to another & their higher self accepts this healing. Nothing is said. We know we've helped another & we are grateful to be able to do this.

Having your reiki is much more than just a tool for healing yourself & others on a physical level. You can use it to clear emotional issues from this life, past lives. You can use it to clear your ancestral lineage of physical & emotional issues that have been passed down through the generations. You can use it to focus your goals and what you want to manifest in your life.

Reiki brings clarity, wholeness, & healing.

Healing the earth with reiki is a tremendous part of our spiritual practice in the world. The earth is going through huge changes. Those who are called to learn reiki at this time are part of the earth's healing process.

We are all connected by a grid of consciousness. This grid and its energy is the overall vibration of everyone's collective thoughts & feelings.

By learning reiki we begin to change & improve ourselves & raise our vibrational level. We begin to heal ourselves. In doing that begin to change & improve the collective consciousness, and raise the vibrational level of all people.

By helping others heal, we help the earth to heal. We improve the overall energy on the planet.

Use reiki on yourself daily, and remember to use its energy to help heal yourself, others and to heal the earth.



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