My journey with reiki


The journey of reiki begins with level 1. You learn the basics of reiki, the history of reiki, and what it can do, you learn how to heal yourself and/or others on a physical level. You begin to do some clearing of your 'stuff', by which I mean physical & some emotional issues. As you let of these old energies from your energy field, you become able to hold higher vibrations. Higher vibrational levels allow you channel more healing energy & keep you connected with a clear vision of your higher self & clarify on your journey in life.

My own journey with healing began long before I’d even heard of reiki.

I became interested in taking control of my health & healing back in the 1980’s. Began learning more about eating well, was a vegetarian, did juicing & fasting. Began working with healing herbs. Eventually I got a bachelor’s degree in Natural Healing, which gave me some formal education on various aspects of natural healing: supplements, nutrition, herbs, different healing modalities, etc. I enjoyed the herbal aspect so much I got a master’s degree in herbalism a few years later.

I worked in a health food store for several years, learning a lot about various ailments & supplements. I saw people get better from taking a certain supplement, and others with the same problem did not have the same result. I started realizing there was much more to the whole picture of healing. Healing any ailment on a physical level can only do so much. Taking a supplement is only part of the answer. And many of the customers didn’t like the blends of herbals formulas, they wanted only some of the herbs in a formula, or wanted a formula with one or more other herbs added.

I began to work from home, doing wellness consultations, but addressing more of the whole picture, we discussed not only supplements, but nutrition, lifestyle, and all health issues, not just one particular ailment.

I focused on custom blending herbal formulas for clients, and doing consultations to determine which herbs, supplements & nutrition would benefit each client. Eventually I started working out of a shared space where several practitioners of different healing modalities all shared treatment rooms on different days.

One of the courses I had taken with my Natural Healing degree involved learning about the healing energy in your hands. This fascinated me, and I read many books on it, but could never feel the energy at all.

Level 1 Reiki: Physical Healing

In April 2006 I had an opportunity to take a level 1 Usui reiki class.

This class was held over 4 days, each a week apart, and I was not given the attunement until the last class. It was really the attunement which drew me, I wondered what it would be like & how it would be to finally feel energy in my hands.

After the first class I came down with the flu, which means for me that I only eat soup made from puréed vegetables & ginger, and drink lots of herbal tea. After I felt better I did not feel like eating my regular foods, I drank shakes, raw veggies & veggie juices and began to lose weight. I’ve fasted & cleansed before, when the mood hits me I do this as long as my body dictates. Really I was on this whole food diet, along with rice, for the next 3 months, until my Level 2 class. I lost 35 lbs (which I needed to lose) and felt great. I know that this clearing on a physical level was a necessary beginning to being able to heal on an energetic level.

I sat & waited with great anticipation, my teacher did not give me any more information other than to say “it’s a ceremony I perform”. I had looked it up on the internet, so I did realize that an attunement was where the teacher passes the ability to channel energy to the student.

During the attunement I did feel like something had happened, but really felt nothing much, no visions, no guides came to me, no great surges of new energy or clarity. I gave a session to another person right after & did get lots of visual images. I really felt nothing in my hands, although my “client” assured me she could feel the energy. (Since then, I’ve had some very profound experiences when giving attunements)

On the way home on the short ferry ride I was thinking maybe it didn’t take. I practiced reiki on myself during the day & especially in the evenings as I fell asleep.

On about day 3 I woke up & sure enough could feel a lot of energy coming from my hands! I was so happy!

Week, 2 came around, I was feeling sick, old injuries seemed to surface, my back hurt, my arm hurt where I had broken it. I took care of myself, took herbs, rested, did reiki. A few days later, another cold. I was feeling emotional about old issues. Had no clue what was going on until I googled it and found out about the 21 day cleanse. Might have been nice to know ahead of time! Once I had the knowledge of what was going on I felt ok about it & dealt with it.

I practiced daily and the energy increased. During one of my herbal consultations I asked the client if she would like some reiki, she practically jumped onto the massage table (actually a table that belonged to another practitioner in the, just happened to be in the room I used).

Level 2 Reiki: Emotional & Mental Healing

I did a trade fair a few weeks later & saw a woman giving reiki demonstrations on her dog. So I talked to her, and asked her who her teacher was. She told me & I wrote the name down because I knew my daughter was interested in learning reiki some day.

When I went to the woman’s website, I saw that her next class for Level 2 reiki was to be held on my birthday, June 10. This was a sign! I registered for the class.

Her teaching style was different; I found the class to be interactive & interesting. I felt great anticipation during the attunement, I was almost shaking. But again, nothing much happened, other than a feeling of anticipation I guess. I learned the symbols, but I wasn’t really sure why you used them, or when.

When I got home from the class my dogs wouldn’t let me touch them, the energy was just pouring off my hands. Over the next few days my hands would ache & I’d channel the energy to get rid of it. As I got used to this, so did my dogs. They began by leaning against me, or just snuggling up next to me for a minute, they still wouldn’t let me pat them. I let them get used to it in their own time. Eventually they’d accept a quick pat and probably within 2 weeks, they let me channel a bit of energy to them for short periods of time.

Week one after the attunement I was having dreams of myself when I was younger, seeing the issues I hadn’t cleared. I was doing reiki on myself at night & would often wake up maybe an hour later & wonder “what just happened?”.Some sort of major clearing was going on while my higher self had taken over. During the day I was weeding through things that no longer served me, got rid of some prescriptions I’d been using for the past couple of years. Also the old jean jacket I was hanging on it, it had taken me 300 hours to embroider the back of it when I was 19 or 20, truly a work of art. But it had some very bad energy connected with it from my past that I needed to clear. So I tearfully took the jacket to a local thrift store & donated it.

Week 2 I was having problems sleeping, way too much information coming in. Also was “seeing” all my old emotional stuff again, and really felt like I was falling apart emotionally. So I called my reiki teacher. She said as far as the information streaming into me at night & not being able to sleep: just ask that I receive the information in such as way that I can still sleep, in other words “use your intention”. Ok, that was easy enough, all was good after that.

But, as far as the clearing of my old emotional stuff, I was seeing that from the point of view of how it tied together in past lives & who in my life was involved in my past lives… the BIG picture. It was scaring the hell out me. I talked to my reiki teacher about this. Part way through baring my soul to her, she starts talking to someone else on the street, (she was on her cell phone). She said “I’ll have to phone you back, I just saw somebody I haven’t seen in 5 years.” The way I took this was, nobody else can help you, deal with it yourself. So I just worked on clearing it myself.

I am not writing this to say anything bad about my reiki teachers or others who have been in life. It is all a learning experience, we draw those into our lives who teach us what we need to learn, and to all these people, I am very grateful.

Looking back on this when I decided to teach reiki, I knew this experience was a message to be available to my students for support. And that offering them reiki sessions (trades) was an excellent way to help them to clear. So it was helpful from that aspect, I feel that lesson has helped me to help my students with their clearing. When I teach Level 2 classes, I meet with my students a week later (often when the most emotional clearing is being done), to talk & trade sessions, and answer questions or help with drawing the symbols.

After I had my Level 2 I continued working at the shared space, and focused on trying to get reiki clients in addition to my herbal clients. I did notice the healing work was much deeper & more profound with my level 2. Working on one client, around the heart chakra, I suddenly felt I was an eagle soaring on huge wings. I was thinking that since the wing span felt so large it must be an albatross, either way, it felt like being a huge bird soaring through the air. After the session, the client happened to mention that when I was working around the heart area this client was remembering that a year before a family member had bought a hang gliding session as a gift. That explained the large wings & soaring!

A couple of months after my attunement I started realizing I no longer wanted to work somewhere where the space was shared. This shared space was never cleared energetically by those who used it. No one used sage or any type of clearing methods on their rooms. I began using the symbols in the rooms, and around the building when no one else was looking. After a while of this I started realizing that it was simply taking up a lot of my energy to try & keep this space clear, when no one else was even interested in doing this.

I started to set my intention to find another space to work in. This frame of mind continued until I got my Reiki Master Teacher level.

Actually just before that time I was finding that I was in a situation of returning to old patterns, with a person I was around a few days a week. She was pushing me around, I was falling into victim mode. I knew this was nudging me to get some clarity on where my business was going to take me next.


I began thinking about taking my master/teacher level in the fall. I had worked a bit with another reiki master I had met. We had traded sessions a few times. I talked to her about teaching me, but she said she wasn’t ready to teach.

I met another reiki master. I got to know her a bit & discussed the possibility of learning from her. I had a bit of an uneasy feeling, but I told her I would probably like to take the class from her very soon. I am always open to paying attention to coincidences, and about a day or 2 later:

I printed up a master manual by Peggy Jentoft that was online. I found her information interesting & it felt right to me. I was looking at the master symbol in this reiki manual while sitting at the front desk in the building I worked in. At that moment my teacher from Level 2 walked in. I laughed & closed the manual.

In the course of our discussion, she said she was offering a master class in December. I said I’d love to take it. When she said it would be $500 I realized I couldn’t afford that. But I decided to manifest the money somehow. As it turned out I suddenly earned about $400 of that through sales of products & a few clients. Then my teacher phoned to say she no longer had a space to hold class, and would I consider holding the class in my home. She said she’d knock off $75 for the use of my space. Perfect.

My home has always been my scared space, and for several years it had become more & more that way. Feathers I had found, a million candles (possibly no exaggeration there), water fountain, lots of crystals, paintings (most done by my husband).

So the class was scheduled for the first week of December. We had a ton of snow, which doesn’t happen too often here, so this brought a beautiful energy to the class. Also a brief tizzy of students not wanting to drive here. One student dropped out, the other carpooled with the teacher.

I had all the candles lit, house saged. I did a little meditation before class, and drew a tarot card. The one I drew was Initiation.

Initiation is another word for attunement. Here is part of the description given with the deck of cards for this card:

“Initiation is a ritual of renewal & rebirth. The journey is symbolized by the labyrinth, which first spirals inward, leaving the old behind, to the point at the center of the labyrinth where the initiation or master attunement takes place. The labyrinth then spirals outward once again unfolding the spiral of new life, a new journey.

The woodpecker symbolizes rebirth as it climbs trees in a spiral. According to legend, the woodpecker knows the location of an herb called springwort which legend says could open doors & locks, not physical doors & locks, but spiritual ones, the way to the true self. The use of this herb must be earned, just as the ability to teach & give attunements in reiki is earned through the Level 1 and 2 attunements, and through practice & dedication.

The herb on the card is Chervil which is a sacred herb of initiation. It is an herb of regeneration which forever changes the consciousness of the initiate.”

Definitely a sign that I was on the right path.

One thing that I learned about taking the master level is that it gives clarity about your true path in life. My experience with that is that if I was to now ignore the signs & messages I was given life would be difficult. If I was to trust & go with the direction life was leading me, all would be good.

The master class was a magical 2 days for me. Learning the sacred secrets of reiki, learning how the attunements were done, was amazing. Immersing myself in this energy was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The amount of energy shared by practicing attunements on each other was incredible.

I was a little shocked that the other student didn’t know the symbols hardly at all, and didn’t know the names of them. She wasn’t really sure about the information learned in Level 1 & 2. I do know that she had learned Level 1 & 2 together in 1 class. And that after she got her master level she pretty much stopped using the energy at all.

Once again, this was something for me to take note of. I realized that learning level 1 on its own and giving yourself time to integrate the learning & practice was essential. Also that the teacher carries a responsibility to make sure her manuals are clear & well researched & give enough information for the student to use as reference. And that the teacher needs to make sure the students have actually learned the symbols. I decided when I began to write the manual I would use in my master classes that my students would need to come back for a short 1 day class, to demonstrate that they could draw & name the symbols, and give a session with confidence.

The master attunements in themselves were like a breath of fresh air. They felt wonderful, I felt like I had the clarity & contentment I had been looking for.

I found the few weeks after the class to be intense only in the fact that I was clear that I needed to leave the shared space I was working out of, & work from home. Which I had thought of before, but I wasn’t so sure I wanted to be bringing clients & students into my home. Both my reiki master teacher & the other student said my home was perfect for holding classes & sessions & I should consider it.

Part of my experience with getting your master level of reiki is that while it gives you guidance on your path in life, you better listen to that guidance or life can get rough!

I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I was experiencing accelerated negativity where I was working. I was allowing myself to be treated unfairly, I was falling back into old patterns. About a week after I completed my master level I just realized it was time to move on. I left on good terms, packed up my herbs & other things & starting working from home.

I wrote my reiki manuals & started putting it out there that I wanted to teach others who were interested in also following this path of self healing, of letting go of what no longer serves you, of beginning to listen to guidance & trust that you are then following what is in your highest good.

Reiki has definitely given me another piece to the puzzle of healing. Part of it, of course, is that we must eat well & take supplements, drink plenty of fresh water, and learn ways to keep ourselves balanced with meditation, exercise, yoga, tai chi… whatever works for you. Vibrational healing with the use of vibrational essences and reiki bring healing to a whole different level.

I have had the honor of working with some very amazing people & sharing ideas & reiki with them. We’ve done a lot of healing together, a lot of clearing, moving on to better things, listening to & supporting one another, a lot of talking & a lot of laughter.

In gratitude to my students & those who’ve guided me this far on my path & healing journey.


After my master level I wanted to keep learning about reiki & learn new kinds of reiki. So I have my master level in several other types of reiki.

I find each type of reiki brings new vibrations. Learning new types of reiki & other practices such as chanelling allows me to access higher vibrational states & higher guidance & teachings.

While receiving a wonderful attunement in August of 2009, I felt a huge leap in my vibrational level. I remained in this state for several days & afterward found I could no longer eat many of the foods I was accustomed to. I realized after a few weeks that being vegetarian was no longer enough to maintain this high vibrational state. So I began eating raw living foods. This has been a journey in itself, and had brought huge changes in my physical, emotional & spiritual health.

By clearing lower vibration emotions, and eating eating higher vibrational foods, we are capable of channeling so much more of the reiki energies for offering healing to ourselves, others & the earth.


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