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As we evolve energetically & new energy streams become available to earth reiki should evolve. I have been teaching since 2005 and my classes have changed with the energies. As of 2017 I am offering my energy work courses in the form of reiki apprenticeships. You will do MUCH more healing and personal growth with weekly work and will go much further with being more intuitive and being able to offer deeper and more effective healing.

The first class is REIKI LEVEL 1. You learn about what reiki is, how to work on self healing, how to channel energy to ground, center & protect your energy field, how to give a session, plus you receive a session. Level 1 is SELF HEALING.

The three apprenticeships are:

Munay Ki Shamanic Journey

Streaming the Living Light of Seichim

Light Journeys : sacred geometry


Each one offers an opportunity to work on healing yourself, learn to align with guided meditations, do chakra work, give & receive sessions, learn new symbols, work with spirit animals & ancestors & a guardian, get more attunements & learn much more about what is going on with the current energies coming to earth. Of course this is constantly changing, so I share my current insights with you.

Being in a class with a group of others raises the energies in the room much more than you can do on your own. For some parts of the apprenticeship you just work on yourself during the meditations, this increases your ability to channel reiki on yourself. And by being in the space with others doing the same thing, it raises your vibrational levels. For the parts of the apprenticeship where you give & receive sessions, this increases your skills in giving reiki, in channeling energy, and learning to feel those energies on others. It will increase your intuitive abilities. And by receiving that many sessions on a regular basis your personal healing is increased greatly.




Master level reiki: more about this level.


REIKI JOURNAL & WORKBOOK for anyone in any lineage of reiki, any teacher. A workbook to focus & build your personal reiki practice.



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