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A group of us have been working with Seichim reiki since 2008. The energies are very different than Usui reiki. My feeling is that Usui reiki is a fixed set of energies. These vibrations (Usui reiki) offer everyone a way to start with channelling energy. All of my students begin with Usui reiki level 1,

but I am now blending Usui reiki and 2 other types of reiki with Seichim

Seichim seems to open a person up to whatever energies are currently coming to earth at this time. That would be whatever energies you are ready to align with.

Seichim is incredible

the energy & session style offers way more than traditional attunements & sessions

I work with a group of reiki masters, we get together every few months & re-attune each other to  level 7 of Seichim. Seichim has never felt ‘finished’ to me, it seems new & different each time.

Remember all attunements, of any type of reiki, open a person up to channel energy, they release what no longer serves them, but also offer personal growth.

I have found Seichim to be different every time I have been attuned. Quite often a Seichim attunement brings about a time of creativity, whether that is being creative with doing some form of writing or artwork, cooking, news ways of doing things, whatever type of creativity calls to you.

During these attunements your energy field is opened up to the Seichim energy stream. Your chakras are opened & balanced, your heart chakra opens, and your energy field is knit back together. This heals any tears & imbalances in the energy field, & helps you be grounded in your own energy, less permeable to other’s energies fields & /or negativity.

Seichim is very heart centered reiki energy.

Above are some of my rose quartz & other pink crystals, which all relate to the heart chakra.




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