Unless you've already taken some reiki, you are wondering what's with symbols? What do they do?

There are lots & lots of symbols that are used in various types of reiki. Symbols help you connect with a certain frequency of reiki.

Although many of them are drawn on the internet now, I feel that the reiki symbols were meant to be sacred & not meant to be shown unless you are attuned to them.

Being 'attuned' simply means a reiki teach attunes you to the frequency or type of reiki that is being is taught. This alters your energy field & chakras to cleanse & release blockages & hold this new higher frequency. Attunements also open you up to channeling the type of reiki you are being attuned to.

Back to symbols. Traditionally with Usui reiki at student is not shown any symbols when they get their level 1 reiki. After years of working with reiki energies I can see that all of us have evolved vibrationally in the past few years, and even more so in the past few months.

So I rewrote my reiki manuals to include 4 symbols with level 1. This will take my reiki students to a higher vibrational level sooner. I feel we are all ready for this.

I teach a couple of symbols on the first day of each level of reiki. I have my student work with these by drawing them on their palm & foot chakras daily to open up the flow of reiki energy, and also to get a sense of the feel & energy of the symbols.

On day 2 of that level I will teach a couple more symbols and you have incoporate those as well.

You can continue to work with these symbols and the chakra work with I give on day 3 until you feel ready to go on to the next level.


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