Healing on a Vibrational Level


HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN VIBRATIONAL ESSENCES: I offer a workshop on my forum.

Every living thing has energy…. everything is energy. Imbalance in the body or illness is
blocked energy. To regain balance and overcome illness, whether physical or
emotional in nature, we must rebalance the energy in the body and in the layers
of energy surrounding the body so that it is flowing properly again.

Reiki is an example of a type of hands on energy work that helps to bring about this balance.

Vibrational essences are remedies that can be taken internally to bring about this same balance.

Vibrational essences are made in a homeopathic manner. Living plants are used to
make these remedies, so that the remedy contains the energy or vibration of the
plant. And because these remedies are water based, they are easily assilimated into the body.

Like reiki, vibrational essences have healing properties that restore balance on
all levels of our being: physical, emotional & spiritual. They are a wonderful
way to enhance personal development, and are a powerful aid to transformation.
They help us to overcome old behavior problems and negative states of mind that
may contribute to or cause disease, emotional imbalance and spiritual

Vibrational essences stimulate the body’s ability to heal by restoring balance
to the chakras and energy fields, and releasing old thought patterns and emotions
that no longer serve us.

Common local plants (some people might call them weeds) can be prepared as
vibrational essences. Chickweed Vibrational Essence can be used to nourish the
throat chakra, allowing you to express yourself freely and easily. It is
helpful for releasing grievances from the past. Yarrow Vibrational Essence
helps those who feel extremely vulnerable around others & to their environment,
who are easily depleted, and overly absorbent of negative influences, for those
who are very sensitive especially when around crowds of people, and for sensitivity
to electro magnetic fields from computers and tv’s.

Vibrational essences are safe to use, have no taste, and can be used in
conjunction with other medications or remedies. They can be used for people or
their pets.





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