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Wheatgrass is full of vitamins, minerals & protein.
It is a great detoxifer.
And its very alkalizing to the body.
It gets rid of toxic materials in the body, and neutralizes environmental toxins in the body.
Hold it in your mouth to cleanse teeth & gums of any infections.

It tastes great. You can drink a small shot of it straight up, or add it to other juices.


Starting a big tray of wheatgrass for juicing.
I soaked the seeds over night & went out & got some compost for the pot. I feel like wheatgrass should be planted in really rich soil.

After a few days the wheatgrass is coming along nicely.


And then the wheatgrass just grows really fast, I'll probably juice some tomorrow. And NO, that's not sunshine, its articial light. I grow my wheatgrass indoors in the winter. In other seasons I grow it outside near the door, just remember to cover the seeds so the birds don't eat them.

Each blade of grass always has a little drop of water on it.

...and finally a shot of wheat grass. It tastes quite sweet & fragrant, and strong. I prefer it in with a larger juice of fruit & veggies.

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