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This workbook is a sacred space to keep track of your reiki practice.

It is in black & white so it can be easily printed out. It is done in a workbook style for you to write in, to help you to remember to use your reiki, give you ideas of other ways to use your reiki, and to help you focus on using reiki daily. The more you use your reiki the more you will heal & the more reiki energy you will channel.

This workbook can be used by anyone studying reiki with any teacher or any type of reiki. Reiki is a tool and a gift that is meant to be used. I have often heard my students say that they forget to use reiki to heal themselves, to heal those around them to manifest what they’d like to bring into their lives, to release what they’d like to let go of.

My purpose in offering this workbook is to give you focus to your reiki practice. And to open up self discovery.

Everyone’s reiki practice & their healing path is unique, reiki will take everyone along a path to their own healing & their own truth.


Symbols: drawing them, what they are for
Advanced symbol work
Experiences with attunements
Healing yourself: setting focused intentions
Venting (rip & burn) pages
setting positive intentions from your venting
Setting goals for personal healing
Chakra work: for including notes from my chakra workshop on my forum, or from taking my reiki classes
Chakra overview medicine wheel
Manifesting pages
Manifesting with crystals pages
Insights from your daily reiki practice
Space for messages from your dreams, guides, 'coincidences'
Spaces for notes on reiki sessions given & received
Spaces for notes on Distance healing sent
My workshop on Ancestral healing


Any information presented here is for informational purposes only and not intended to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a medical practitioner.

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