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Crystal Healing Manual, and the Light Journeys Workbook are available for download on my DOWNLOADS PAGE for anyone.

The manuals & workbooks for levels 1,2,&3 are for my students only.

I have manuals & workbooks that are available for purchase & download as a pdf to my students. Email me or ask in class. Full outlines below. The workbook on my downloads page is meant for any one who has had any teacher, it is a space for working with your reiki practices.

Feedback on manuals & workbooks:

"These are amazing!! You went all out !

There are manuals & workbooks for each level of reiki: levels 1,2,3. I also have a Crystal Healing Workbook, and a Chakra Healing: flowing the vortexes of the soul workbook is being created.

A “manual” goes deeper into what I’ve taught in class. My teaching outline is usually 10 pages. My manual would be 30 or more pages.

A “workbook” is interactive. Things to journal about, things to do, food for thought, questions. It goes deeper into your own practice of reiki.

All manuals & workbooks are full color & send as a pdf. I ask you do not copy, share or use them for teaching.

I prefer all my students buy my manuals, workbooks are optional but will increase your skills.
I do not include my manuals with the cost of class because:

a. Many students did not bother to read them when I just gave them away, or lost the printed copies. The work put into them was not respected.

 b. It is a way to increase the price of my classes (I have not raised the price of levels 1,2,3 in many years).

If you want to take your master level, you need all 3 levels with me, and you should buy the manuals. If you can answer all the questions in the outlines below well enough to explain it to someone else, maybe you are ok without the manual.

Below is more on what each manual & workbooks includes:

1. LEVEL 1 MANUAL, 54 pages, $20
What is the focus of level 1 reiki?
What type of reiki are you learning? & what other types are there?
What is reiki & the meaning of the word
Reiki principles
How does it work?
Why are there several levels?
What each level addresses. Eg: level 1 = Grounding & Protection
What is an attunement?
What does an attunement do?
How do you channel reiki?
3 ways reiki is activated
How is reiki felt in the hands
How to open the flow of reiki more at home
What is the 3 week cleanse?
What are symbols?
Why do we use them?
Why are the Light Journey’s Reiki levels different from traditional Usui reiki & what are the differences?
Why are classes shorter in length?
 What types of reiki are you learning? Is it usui?
Why are the Usui symbols not used.
What are the 2 most important things to practice at home?

Ways to ground & protect: journal work & practices
Foot chakra work
Energy drains, being aware, what to do
Self care: exploring ways that are right for you
Activation of reiki: ways to incorporate it into your day
Self empowerment
Dreamwork!: interpreting your dreams, what to look for, spiritual messages
Coincidence & synchronicity
Sensing energy in yourself & around you
Reiki principles & working with them. Journaling with deep work on each principle
Attunements: recording your experiences
Chakra experiences & how to balance
Symbol work: deeper work
3 week cleanse: & deeper work on this: self empowerment vs victimhood

3. Level 2 Reiki MANUAL, 65 pages, $20
What is reiki
Where did it come from
What other types of energy work are there
Understanding energy
Books & youtube reference
Positive energy: changes in your life after reiki
What can reiki do: how is it generated, what can it be used for
Using reiki on yourself
How to keep your vibration high
The layers of the lightbody
Emotional healing, changing behaviors
How to use symbols on other people
How to incorporate multiple symbols
Explaining reiki to others: 4 ways to do this
How to give sessions
How to not take on
How to set intentions for clients
Hand positions
How to explain reiki & the session to a client
How to keep your space clear
Ethics regarding healing others
Self care

4. LEVEL 2 REIKI WORKBOOK, 40 pages, $20
Handling more energy flow
Lifestyle choices, positive energy: exploring what no longer serves you & what changes you need to make to be in alignment with your reiki energy
How to deal with negativity in others
Emotional healing & control dramas. A deep look at repetitive behaviors, who you are, journaling around change.
Using reiki energies to help you change
How to connect to uplifting energies
Sharing reiki: exploring many ways to do this, what works for you
Working on pets & adjusting to higher energy flow
Post attunement cleanse
Carb cravings, raising your energy with clean foods, why you crave sugar or carbs
Symbol work
String of beads work
Other ways to channel the symbols
Using all your symbols
Deeper look at reiki sessions & how to set up for these & prepare for clients
Setting intentions
Hand position work
Receiving messages from your guides for yourself or clients
Protecting sacred space: house & property
Sacred space: altar work & grids
Cleansing crystals
Boundaries & emotional clearing
Self care

5. LEVEL 3 MANUAL, 44 PAGES, $20
Manifesting: how to do this
Goal for manifesting
Symbols: distance healing
What are the different ways to use distance healing
Setting intentions for distance healing on others
Healing your past
Healing ancestral lineage
Sending remote healing
Permission for distance healing
How to send the energy
Reference materials for manifesting
Letting go
Connecting to your guides
How to connect to guides & get to know them
The bigger picture with reiki
Incorporating all your symbols into a session
Receiving multiple attunements: benefits
What do you need to know for master level? An outline of my expectations
Questions you need to be able to answer before considering master level

6. REIKI LEVEL 3, WORKBOOK, 55 pages, $20
Lots in this workbook!
Working with manifesting
Exploring your beliefs around manifesting
Step by step guide to setting intentions & wording
How to do the actual manifesting
Change & letting go
Distance reiki: how to send to future events
A look at how far you’ve come since level 1
Creative reiki
Symbol work: honoring the symbols
Channeling symbols
Playing with symbols: finding new ways to use them
A surprise section ! (hmmmm what could it be?)
Work around sending distance healing to others
Keeping journal records
More work with distance energy in different ways
Ancestral healing
The bigger picture with dreamwork
More symbol work: for working on others
Sacred space & tools
Smudging & tools for smudging
Written copy of calling in the directions
More on awakened energies
Master level checklist


7. CRYSTAL HEALING MANUAL, 150 pages $40, Purchase Here

anyone can purchase this, not just my students

This manual is based on  my 4 day Crystal Course which was $100.
It  includes:


•             Why do crystals work?,
•             Combining herbs, reiki, vibrational essences & the stones,
•             where to buy & how to buy,
•             using books & intuition or physical ailment to choose which stone to buy
•             A list of each type of stone & what it can be used for, I have added this list on a separate page, reprinted with permission:
•             Traditional & Modern Metaphysical and Healing Gemstone Properties Lore
•             Types of stones,
•             configurations of stones,
•             Quartz crystals,
•             master crystals
•             information on each chakra to help you identify which chakra(s) you would like to work on,
•             Chakra &Personal Growth course
•             Pictures of gemstones by chakra color,
•             healing stones worn as jewelry
•             cleansing crystals,
•             clearing a new stone before using,
•             getting to know your new stone,
•             how to use the stones: grids, manifesting,
•             setting a stone to a specific purpose,
•             using stones in reiki sessions
•             information on high vibration stones & clearing stones, most of which I own, so my personal take on these
Reference Section
Stone list & their uses
Physical & Emotional ailment list & stones to match



8. REIKI JOURNAL & WORKBOOK, available here for download

This workbook is a sacred space to keep track of your reiki practice.

It is in black & white so it can be easily printed out. It is done in a workbook style for you to write in, to help you to remember to use your reiki, give you ideas of other ways to use your reiki, and to help you focus on using reiki daily. The more you use your reiki the more you will heal & the more reiki energy you will channel.

This workbook can be used by anyone studying reiki with any teacher or any type of reiki. Reiki is a tool and a gift that is meant to be used. I have often heard my students say that they forget to use reiki to heal themselves, to heal those around them to manifest what they’d like to bring into their lives, to release what they’d like to let go of.

My purpose in offering this workbook is to give you focus to your reiki practice. And to open up self discovery.

Everyone’s reiki practice & their healing path is unique, reiki will take everyone along a path to their own healing & their own truth.



Symbols: drawing them, what they are for
Advanced symbol work
Experiences with attunements
Healing yourself: setting focused intentions
Venting (rip & burn) pages
setting positive intentions from your venting
Setting goals for personal healing
Chakra work: for including notes from my chakra workshop on my forum, or from taking my reiki classes
Chakra overview medicine wheel
Manifesting pages
Manifesting with crystals pages
Insights from your daily reiki practice
Space for messages from your dreams, guides, 'coincidences'
Spaces for notes on reiki sessions given & received
Spaces for notes on Distance healing sent
My workshop on Ancestral healing











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